Biogel - a new coating for nails

Many at the first meeting pay attention to the hands, and that's why it's so important to take care of them. Pay special attention to the nails, because beautiful, long and well-groomed nails are very attractive and sexy. Today there are plenty of options for coverage. One of them is biogel. And what is it? Let's figure it out!

What it is?

What is biogel? This composition, which includes all sorts of components useful for nails, such as vitamins E and A, natural resins, organic proteins (they contain about 50-60% depending on the particular manufacturer) and much more.

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In any case, you can be sure that the substances will be completely safe for your nails and will not cause allergies. The consistency biogel resembles a thick varnish. It is used to strengthen the nail plates, as well as to build nails. Usually such procedures are held in the salons, but with the necessary tools and some skills, everything can be done at home.

By the way, this composition was invented back in the 80s of the last century, but popularity has acquired relatively recently.

Special features

Let's start with the good and list the advantages of strengthening and building with the use of biogel:

  • Biogel is not harmful to the nails. This coating is not just safe and harmless, but even useful, as it contains natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen the nail plate. Therefore, you can safely apply the biogel again and again, without worrying about the fact that the condition of the nails can deteriorate.
  • Your marigold will literally "breathe", because the coating has a unique porous structure. The air will penetrate through the micropores, which means that the nail plate will receive the necessary amount of oxygen.
  • The conditions of today's environment leave much to be desired, and there are many factors that have a negative impact on our body, in particular on the nails. Biogel is a kind of shield that allows you to protect the nail plate from dust, dirt, temperature changes and sunlight.
  • If you have thin, soft or brittle nails, then strengthen them with biogel.In this case, for example, a simple buildup of acrylic or gel can exacerbate the situation, but the bio-gel is absolutely harmless and can strengthen the nail plate.
  • The material is rather soft and pliable, so you will not feel a certain stiffness (with the build-up of acrylic and gel it can arise).
  • Biogel is a fairly strong coating, despite the porous structure and softness of the material. Nails will not break, and the composition will stay on the nails for about 2-3 weeks.
  • You protect your nails from splitting, as the composition literally seals the edges and prevents their foliation.
  • The procedure is not very complicated and will not take more than 40 minutes.
  • It is quite easy to remove the biogel from the nails. Sawing, which is extremely negative for the condition of the nails, is not required.
  • You will certainly have a choice. If you wish, you can simply strengthen the nails with transparent biogel. But choosing a color composition, you will kill two birds with one stone at a time: strengthen the nails and immediately transform them.
  • This coating can be combined with other types of manicure.
  • If you prefer naturalness, then with biogel it will certainly remain with you, because the coating is thin and almost invisible on the nails (if you choose a colorless composition).

Now we list some of the few drawbacks of such a coating:

  • If you decide to do the procedure in the salon, then be prepared for the fact that it is not cheap.
  • Nails should sometimes be given a rest from biogel, as well as from any coating.
  • Correction may be required after a couple of weeks.
  • Exposure to chemicals (detergent formulations, for example) or hot water can damage the coating, so it is best to do household chores with gloves.
  • The consistency of biogel is very thick, so the application procedure is somewhat more complicated than using ordinary varnish. But a little patience and skill, and you will succeed.
  • If you decide to grow marigolds with the help of biogel, then make them very long will not work. In addition, you have to forget about unnatural forms.

Are there any contraindications?

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In some cases, the use of biogel will have to be abandoned:

  • Nail diseases, for example, fungal lesions or nail psoriasis.
  • Do not cover your nails with biogel right after the procedure of building up using other compounds.

What is required for application?

So, what is required in order to use natural biogel for nails?

  • Biogel.It should be noted that it is not recommended to buy cheap funds in questionable stores, their quality may be low, and the composition itself may well be harmful to health. So go to a specialized department and trust trusted manufacturers.
  • Degreaser. Alcohol or acetone will do.
  • Colorless varnish or special finishing means to make nails shine.
  • An acid free primer. This tool prepares the surface of the nail to the application process, and also improves adhesion and makes the coating more durable.
  • Buff (quadrilateral special nail file with an abrasiveness of 300-500 grit).
  • Nail files (approximately 100-200 grit).
  • Brushes with synthetic pile (№6 or 7).
  • For drying, you will need a UV lamp.

How is the procedure?

How to use biogel? Application technology consists of several stages:

  1. First of all, you need to degrease the surface of the nail with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol or in acetone.
  2. Then make the simplest manicure: using a nail file, give the correct nail shape, move the cuticle away from the edge of the nail.
  3. Now sand the surface of the nail with a buff, then remove dust and degrease the surface again.
  4. Now apply the primer and dry it (at this stage, the UV lamp can not be used).
  5. Now apply the first layer of biogel, capturing and sealing the edge of the nail. Layer must be thin! Also try to keep the composition on the cuticle or the skin around the nail, otherwise the coating will soon begin to flake off. Dry the nails under the lamp for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Apply the next layer, re-dry the nails. In total, 2-3 to 6 layers may be required. It all depends on the desired thickness of the nails.
  7. The last stage is the application of the finishing gel. You can also use colored lacquer if you want to transform your nails.
  8. If skin marks remain, gently remove them with a cotton swab dipped in acetone. Done! Correction is usually done after 2 or 3 weeks.

How to delete?

Nails will be healthy

How to remove the coating from the nails? Everything is very simple. You can use a special tool for removing biogel (buy it in a specialty store), but you can also take regular acetone. Apply the liquid to a cotton pad or sponge, apply to the nail plate for 10-15 minutes, and then remove the coating using an orange stick or cotton pad.

How much is?

If you want to cover the nails with biogel in the beauty salon of the master, then the price of this procedure will vary from 1 to 2 thousand rubles. If you plan to do everything yourself, then for the set will have to give about 3-4 thousand. Of course, it is more profitable to scoop up the set and apply the composition at home.

Discover biogel and enjoy the health and beauty of your nails!

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