Being frankly unfashionable is now fashionable too.

Fashion has a new position: it’s bad to think about new clothes, too much to think about clothes is also bad, and wearing everything at once, never showing to people around you what a highly spiritual minimalist in your soul is, is even worse. They say the same Zuckerberg is happy in his gray T-shirts and similar jeans, and French women go on wearing half the same clothes in the same vests-jackets-ballet shoes and look no less elegant than Audrey Hepburn in the times of her close friendship with Humberh Givenchy. It turns out such a throwing from one extreme to another: on the one hand, we have microtrends, which are born from designer collections at least twice a year, such as corsets over clothes, bows on blouses or white and pink cells, and on the other, striving for everything that’s the same , utilitarian and uniform from the word "uniform", but again ... for unreasonably big money.

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