Beautiful striped clothes (30 photos)

The undoubted advantage of striped things is their versatility. Not every color can be worn daily and at the same time, so that it does not irritate you at all. A strip can be.

Any element of wardrobe can be striped: from underwear to a winter coat. It perfectly dilutes the monotony in the wardrobe and acts as an unobtrusive decoration. Agree, gray jumper looks a bit trite, but if it is diluted with a thin, white stripe, then a completely different picture appears.

Striped clothing can be different. Dresses, sweaters, striped trousers can be found on every third woman. Most people are mistaken, considering such a print dangerous, however, he has not left fashion podiums for more than a dozen years. Let's find out why striped clothes can wear everything.

In the head, 90% of women firmly live the stereotype that the strip can not be worn, as it increases the volume and makes them much fuller. As a result, they use only striped accessories, thereby depriving themselves of the opportunity to diversify their wardrobe with beautiful clothes.

In fact, striped clothes have long been fashionable, and not only slender women, but also full women can wear it. Just in each individual case, you need to choose a special strip.

How to choose the right one?

Girls with a slender body, as usual, were lucky much more than everyone else. They can, without any fear, wear things from any strip: wide, narrow, color. Here you can safely experiment not only with the width of the strip, but also with its texture and color.

In order to emphasize the waist or highlight it, we recommend wearing dresses and sweaters with oblique stripes that will be joined in the place where you like.

For girls with narrow shoulders and large hips, striped sweaters or sweaters with striped decorative inserts in the shoulders are ideal. This is necessary for the figure to become proportional.

If you have a situation with an opposite figure, then striped trousers and skirts will help you. It is not necessary to choose contrasting models, just as the character from the movie “Asterix and Obelix” wore. You can choose a classic strip and thus achieve the desired effect.

For those girls who can not boast of having a large breast, dresses and sweaters with a wide stripe in this area are ideal. One strip is enough, only it should be lighter than the main clothes, and even better white.

If you are not tall, then a vertical bar is made for you. She will be able to draw you out and emphasize the outline of the figure. But the horizontal bar on the contrary, will make you look like a small mushroom, as it will break your body into pieces.

Tall girls are often shy of their height. But it's not as scary as it seems. You can wear the same things as everyone else and still look like a gentle and little princess. For you to fit things with a strip in the waist, while you can wear a flared skirt at the bottom. This trick will visually reduce you.

Girls who are not afraid to try to wear interesting and unusual things should definitely try on things in which the stripes are directed randomly. Such coloring attracts the eyes of others and makes the figure balanced.

For full girls and women

You should not consider yourself worse and refuse to wear striped clothes.Just give preference to things with a very shallow strip. It is desirable that the outfit used only two colors.

A wide horizontal strip does not make you fat, if you choose a dress of a free cut and use non-contrast colors. For example, instead of the usual black and white stripes, buy a dress with a dark purple and lilac.

For you, there will be ideal things in which a strip is used in some part of them. For example, above the waist. Or is present on the sleeves and collar.

Also, a small vertical strip will help you to hide the irregularities of the figure. The main thing to pay attention to the density of the fabric. The harder it is, the better.

What to wear?

It can be used both as an independent element and as an additional element. It is perfectly combined with monophonic fabrics. For example, a striped sweater and black pants are timeless classics. Also a striped dress can be complemented by a plain jacket. Not necessarily the same color as the stripes. The main thing is that it should be restrained and not have a large number of decorative elements.

There is a huge amount of striped items. Consider the most popular of them.


In 2013, striped dresses will be at the peak of fame. They will be worn by stars, models and ordinary women. Especially striped dresses are appropriate in the summer, when everyone wants to bring brightness into their lives. They can be as ultra mini length, and in the floor. The main thing is the relevance of this color range.

Knitted sweaters

Knitwear is a popular material for striped items. In 2013, and not only in it, literally every girl should have a striped sweater. It perfectly combines beauty and warmth. A striped sweater is a great option for an autumn vacation in nature, in the country or in the family circle.

Pants and pants

This is a rather bold version of clothing, even for girls with a slim figure. All the cunning of striped pants is that they can be worn only on very thin legs and ass. Otherwise, the effect of the target on these parts of the body cannot be avoided.

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