Basic choleretic foods

In the modern world of drugs, there are a large number of specimens that act in one way or another on the biliary tract. Let's talk about why it is needed at all and whether there are choleretic foods that can be bought not in a pharmacy, along with everyday food products.

Pain in the right hypochondrium is often blamed on liver disease, but this may not be quite so. The problem may be in the disease of the gallbladder and biliary tract, namely in an insufficient amount of bile produced.

All bile-excreting drugs are divided into two main groups: drugs that contribute to enhanced bile formation and drugs that help the release of bile into the intestine. As is known, bile in the human body contributes to the breakdown of fats and fat-soluble acids, it also has an antibacterial property that prevents the putrefactive and fermentative processes of the intestine.

Therefore, you can guess what consequences the lack of bile in the body leads to. Due to abnormal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, stomach and right side pain, and stool disorders may occur.

Along with the drugs that your doctor prescribes, you can use food products that bring bile into the intestines.

Tasty and healthy

To help the outflow of bile in the first place help fruits, rich in vitamin C. These include - lemons, oranges, tangerines, leafy vegetables. Every day you need to eat several servings of such products: tomatoes, carrots, celery, spinach, dill, rhubarb, cauliflower and white cabbage, corn. These products not only improve bile formation, but also prevent the occurrence of gallstones. Honey is also a useful remedy, but it is contraindicated if there is a stone in the gallbladder.

For diseases of the biliary tract, it is strongly recommended to eat on an empty stomach 100-150 grams of raw beets, the use of mixtures of vegetables and fruits will be effective.

Vegetable choles have a good choleretic property.In the daily diet of a person should be at least 80 grams of fat, for example: sunflower, olive, corn oil, avocado oil or corn. These products must be ingested in the body raw. Make salads - tasty, and most importantly useful.

There is also such a wonderful product as chicory. Usually, the leaves and root of this plant are used, but now you can easily find coffee or tea with chicory. Increased excretion can contribute to ginger. Basically it is used in ground form, adding to dishes, sometimes to tea or coffee.

Eating fresh avocados will be of great help. Although the product is sufficiently fat-containing, it has a beneficial effect on the liver and helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels. There is also such a useful perennial plant - turmeric. It is very popular in Morocco, has a burning taste, but as early as the 13th century, Chinese medicine successfully treated them for stomach ailments.

Also excellent choleretic effect have juices of various fruits and vegetables: grape, beet, lingonberry, black radish and cabbage.


Broths of various herbs and herbal preparations contribute to the outflow of bile and increased bile formation. To such grasses it is possible to carry - fruits of a dogrose, an immortelle, flowers of a calendula officinal, a dandelion, a grass of peppermint and many others. Manufacturers indicate the method of preparation on the package, usually the grass just needs to be brewed and wait for it to infuse.

Although medicinal infusions of medicinal herbs are considered safe, and you can drink them for several months - a break between them is still worth doing, a couple of weeks in 2-3 months. The main thing is not to forget that the treatment of choleretic herbs is possible only under the condition that there is no stone in the biliary tract and gallbladder, otherwise terrible pains and colic can be provoked.

You should also be aware of the existence of "dumb stones". They do not manifest themselves in any way, and they can be identified only with a special medical examination. That is why it is not always necessary to rely on the absence of pain and self-medicate.

A glass of water, which is diluted with a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice or a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, also contributes to the increased formation of bile in the body if it is consumed before meals.

In addition to all the listed facilities, the normal functioning of the gall bladder requires 1.5-2 liters of water consumed per day. Due to lack of fluid in the body, bile can thicken, but it is worth remembering that this is about water, and not about tea, juices, kefir and other liquids.

Nutrition for obesity

People who are obese often have choleretic processes. Usually, this is a consequence of a disorder in cholesterol metabolism.

In obese people, the gallbladder is under constant pressure from the fat pad, which prevents its normal functioning and the systematic entry of bile into the intestine. The consequence of this is stagnation in the gallbladder, which lead to the formation of stones. Unfortunately, in this case the cholagogue products are practically powerless until the body weight is significantly relieved. Statistics show that obese people suffer from such illnesses on average 3-4 times more than thin people.

It should be remembered that there are a number of foods that inhibit the formation and release of bile. If you suffer from such ailments, then you should limit yourself from eating animal fats, hot spices, fried foods, mushroom or fish broths, of course, from alcohol and smoking.

The formation of bile depends on the time of day.In other words, food is better digested in the daytime, and in the evening the body begins to prepare for sleep, stopping the flow of bile. Consequently, if you eat fatty potatoes for the night, eat roast meat and pour all the mayonnaise, your body will begin to demand and squeeze bile out of the gallbladder to digest such heavy foods. Such phenomena will be accompanied by colic and pain.

Therefore, it is possible that not only in food, but also in the lifestyle, it is worth making additional adjustments. Regular exercise, compliance with sleep and rest regimen favorably affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole.

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