Baby year - hair cut or shave?

Baby year - hair cut or shave?Our great-grandmothers believed that in order for the baby's hair to grow better, you need to perform a ceremony. Exactly a year to mow his head. Many still adhere to this old tradition. But more and more often modern moms ask themselves the question, whether it is necessary to shear the child in a year or it is necessary to shave it according to the traditions of grandmothers? Or maybe let the hair? Sometimes not only mothers of girls, but also boys, want to see their children with long hair.
Where did the tradition come from and why there was no doubt before, do you need to cut a child in a year? In the old days, not all children lived to this time. In the pre-Christian era, an event when a child lived to a year old was marked with a head shave. They left one curl and tied it with a red ribbon. This symbolized the adoption of the child under the protection of the race. Given the prevalence of lice 100-200 years ago, shaving was not a superfluous hygienic procedure. It was also believed that after cutting, the hair will be strong and thick.

Haircut child in modern conditions

In our time it is difficult to find arguments in favor of shaving a child in a year. It has long been proven that the density of hair depends only on genetic factors. Shave your baby at least every day, but if the parents and grandparents hair is thin and sparse, then the heir will have such. And it's one thing when a boy is shaved, it's quite another - a shaved girl. This phenomenon is unlikely to touch anyone. Haircut is a different matter. Whether it is necessary to shear the child in a year is already absolutely other question.
Baby year - hair cut or shave?
Definitely worth reducing the length of hair in the hot season. The less is their head, the easier the crumb will suffer from a debilitating heat. Hair grows unevenly, they can climb into the eyes and cause discomfort. In addition, closing the eyes of the hair can lead to deterioration of vision. After all, babies are just learning to focus on objects. You need to at least cut the bangs. Do you want the baby on his first holiday to be fashionable, stylish and beautiful? Then they should not ponder whether it is possible to cut hair on the day of their birth. It is better to choose the time and method of cutting.

When and how best to mow a child

Immediately on the birthday of the baby you can mow. But it is better to do it a little earlier. Best of all the hairstyle looks a couple of days after the haircut. It is not bad to take the little one to the hairdresser and entrust the experienced hands of the master. And you can mow it yourself. Especially if one of the family members has a hairdresser's talent. Nowadays, it is easy to do, there are special children's hair clippers. When you are faced with the task of how to mow a child beautifully with a typewriter, then an adult model will not work. Their blades are not designed for small children, very thin hair will be stuck between the knives.
Baby year - hair cut or shave?
There are many models of children's hair clippers. The best of them - machines with ceramic blades. If the question of whether to cut the child in 1 year, you answered yourself in the affirmative, then you should buy this product. There are a number of advantages in cutting a child at home:

  • the baby is not always in a good mood for experimentation, so for cutting you need to choose the right time when he is in a good mood;
  • At home, you can choose a place for trimming that is comfortable for you and comfortable for the crumbs.In the bathroom during bathing, in the child’s chair while watching cartoons or on the grandmother’s lap, the process will pass quickly, imperceptibly and will not frighten the baby;
  • spend money once on the clipper, rather than spend them constantly in hairdressing salons will be beneficial for the family budget.Baby year - hair cut or shave?

Wherever you cut your baby, you should try to make it fun, and the next haircut does not cause unpleasant emotions. Praise him, tell me how beautiful it is now on his head. A beautiful hairstyle will complement the perfection of the best for you in the world of creation.

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