Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves

Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leavesApplications and leaf crafts are good not only for children, although the whole family is much more interesting to do them. Give the fallen leaves a second life at home, turning them into a tree - three-dimensional, like a bouquet, or flat, on a piece of cardboard.

Leaf tree

Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
This decorative tree will decorate your table, coffee corner or living room - depending on what size you make it. But in order for the leaves of real trees to look at it proportionally, the tree should be made at least about 0.7-1 meters high. It consists of three parts - the trunk with leaves, a tub and a wreath of dead wood surrounding the tub, and it will take several hours to make it, except for the time it takes to dry the leaves.
In order to make such a tree of leaves, take:

  1. Thin branch (as much as possible "magnificent", spreading)
  2. Many fallen leaves of all colors and species - dried and fresh
  3. Glitter (at least two colors)
  4. Lots of transparent text
  5. Flexible and thin willow branches for a wreath
  6. Tub (the smallest)
  7. Thick waste book
  8. Thin wire
  9. Acrylic Fixer
  10. Acrylic Metallic Paint of a Selected Shade


How to make a tree out of leaves


  1. Put the collected leaves between the pages of the book so that two sheets are needed for each turn, and leave them to dry. If you are in a hurry, you can dry the leaves with a hair dryer, putting them between sheets of writing paper.Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
  2. Cover part of the leaves with sparkles on both sides, and then fill all with a fixative.
  3. Paint the remaining leaves with a thin layer of acrylic metallic paint so that they appear to be entirely made of real metal.Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
  4. Allow the sheets to dry, then pierce each piece of wire with a piece of wire (5-6 cm long).Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
  5. Weave a wreath of fine willow branches, decorating it with fresh leaves.
  6. Now is the time for creativity! Arrange the leaves on the tree-branch as you want, and fasten them with a wire.Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
  7. Put a branch in the tub and, holding it with your hand, fill with glue mixed with sparkles. Let the glue froze, and the tree is ready.


Leaf tree: applique

Leaf appliqués can be a design element and subtle creative work, and can bring fun and benefit to the whole family. Try both ways!

Leaf poster

An application that can be done alone, or you can do it with the child. It is better to accustom to the beautiful since childhood.
For a poster with a tree of leaves, you only need:

  1. The basis for the poster (a sheet of thick white cardboard)
  2. Fallen leaves of different colors and shapes, very thin branch
  3. PVA glue and brush
  4. Marker, strip of paper and a window separator for scrapbooking.

Put a sheet of cardboard in front of you, and then place a branch on it.
Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
This is the trunk of your tree. Spread the leaves, each applying to its future "place" on the branch. Take your time and let go of fantasy.
Then grease the glue of the PVA and the branch and the leaves, and glue them to the cardboard.
Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
Using the pointed sidewalls, secure the window in the lower right corner, write what you want (for example, a name or date) on a strip of paper, and insert the paper into the window.
The poster is ready.
Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves

"Family Tree"

This is an autumn idea that will appeal to the whole family and will be especially useful for young children.All you need is fallen leaves, drawing paper, glue and felt-tip pen.
Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
Draw on a sheet of large trunk and as many branches as you want to depict a pair of ancestors. From them must reach up thinner twigs - descendants.
On each such branch stick a sheet and sign it with the name of a relative.
Autumn crafts: how to make a tree of leaves
Then the resulting tree can be hung on the wall.

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