Attic warming

I began to warm the attic floor with the insulation of the under-roof and walls, then I installed additional heating system elements and put the backup power for the circulation pump. Walls and roofs were multilayered: vapor barrier, foamed insulant "Izospan" ("Adzhilin", etc.) from 3 to 10 millimeters; 100 mm polystyrene foam; sheet of fiberboard (painted with linseed oil or impregnated). (photo 5, splash) Difficulty and corner places scored with mats from glass wool 50 mm thick. All the gaps, the joints between the foam carefully sealed foam.
 Warming the attic
 Warming the attic
Even when I made the insulation, I immediately noticed a significant increase in temperature in the" pockets »Attic. The walls of the attic passed through "Izospan" with the help of a construction stapler.
 Warming of the attic
For heating the house, I used a hot gas boiler Signal 10, it is of a stationary type,quite reliable, as its design without electronic components. The heating area has increased by 50%, and although the heating of the boiler according to the passport was designed for a maximum of 150 square meters, with well-executed measures for the preservation of heat, it will be possible to heat more than 200 square meters. Accordingly, it was necessary to partially retool the heating system, replacing some of the elements. Since the temperature conditions of the boiler operation have increased, due to the increase in the heated area, it was necessary to replace the riser of the main line giving off heat. The pipe material should be more reliable to high temperatures; instead of polypropylene, I prepared a five-and-a-half-meter metal pipeline with fittings for additional lines.
 Warming the attic
The branch for heating the attic, like the other two The ground floor was equipped with shut-off valves; this is a very important aspect that allows regulating the flow of coolant. The expansion tank is placed at the highest point in the pocket under the roof th and also insulate the foiled "Izospanom".All pipes located in under-roof space are placed in foam covers.
 Attic insulation
Multi-level heating system and structural simplicity of the boiler requires a pump with a pressure of water column up to 6 meters. The pump in such a system works almost constantly, only switches to different performance. The pump is powered by a standard household power source, and the power consumption is max. 50 watts. Consequently, the heating system with a circulating pump in a multi-storey building is not reliable in case of emergency disconnection of the power supply network current. A specialized backup power supply is relatively expensive, so I will propose as a cheap alternative a standard uninterruptible power supply for office equipment. The installation of the UPS to the heating pump is ensured by removing the plug of the plug at the outlet of the device and connecting the wires to the plug connector on the pump. In the main time, the normal situation, the pump operates from a central network. Practically, using an "uninterruptible power supply" to power a pump with a rated power of 40-50 watts,it is possible to achieve work in emergency disconnection from the household network within 6-8 hours, using a UPS with a power of only 1000-1200 watts. Usually this is enough, especially since the power can be briefly turned on to pump the water in the system. Also, a more complex hinged boiler can be connected to the backup source, the operating time when the mains voltage is disconnected will be sufficient, since a similar pump is used in the boiler device, and the power consumption of the electronic control unit and the shut-off equipment will be negligible. The main thing is that the "uninterrupted" will work effectively, preventing the boiler from getting into emergency mode when it is disconnected from the mains. The complex of measures for warming the premises and optimal heating will significantly help to keep the heat in your house and reduce the costs for gas consumption for heating.

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