Apples Antonovka - composition, taste and recipes

Apples are useful, affordable and tasty fruits. There are many varieties, but one of the most widely known and favorite is Antonovka. Learn how to grow a tree and how to use its fruit.

Short description

Antonovka - the name of the apple-tree sortotype, which appeared as a result of folk selection. This is an old variety, most likely, the result of crossing a garden tree and a wild forest. But the result was impressive, so Antonovka was entered in the register in the middle of the last century.

Apples are of average size, round or elongated shape and smooth skin of yellow or greenish-yellow color. The pulp has a granular structure of medium density, it is very juicy and colored in a yellowish-white shade. The aroma is bright and special, the taste is pronounced and sweet with pleasant sourness.


The composition is rich and unique, because it includes proteins of plant origin, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, ash, organic acids, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, manganese, vitamins C, A, K, E and group B.Caloric content of 100 grams is only about 47-48 kilocalories.

Apples Antonovka have numerous useful properties:

  • Dietary fibers are very useful for the gastrointestinal tract, and they gently and naturally stimulate the motility of the intestinal muscle walls, releasing it and improving digestion.
  • The iron in the composition helps to maintain an optimal level of hemoglobin, reduce the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia.
  • Ripe juicy apples have a positive effect on the functioning of the kidneys, stimulate their activity, accelerate the excretion of fluid and prevent the development of edema.
  • Antonovka is very useful for the cardiovascular system: potassium normalizes the contractile activity of the heart muscle, and vitamin C helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Regularly using such healthy fruits, you can protect yourself from myocardial infarction, heart failure and ischemia, as well as varicose veins.
  • Ascorbic acid is a natural helper of immunity, strengthening the natural defenses of the human body and helping to repel attacks of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • The substances contained here stimulate the excretion and outflow of bile, having a positive effect on the gallbladder.
  • Fruits help control blood cholesterol levels.
  • Calcium strengthens bone tissue.
  • The vitamins of group B are needed by the body for the smooth functioning of the nervous system.
  • Antonovka normalizes metabolism, gives a feeling of satiety and contains little calories and fat, so apples can be considered useful for losing weight.

For your information! Antonovka is a hypoallergenic variety that does not cause allergic reactions.

Possible harm

Antonovka apples are useful, but sometimes they can be harmful. They are contraindicated in exacerbations of gastritis and ulcers, individual hypersensitivity, intestinal atony and obstruction. Frequent and immeasurable use can provoke the destruction of tooth enamel and dyspeptic disorders - bloating, flatulence.

Tip! It is advisable to eat apples not on an empty stomach, for example, in the intervals between main meals as snacks. After use, rinse your mouth with water to wash out the acid and preserve the integrity of the tooth enamel.

Features of growing

How to grow apples of Antonovka variety in your garden? It is easy if you know and follow the basic principles:

  1. Seedlings are placed in the ground in spring in April or in autumn in the second half of October. Pit sized 100x90 centimeters are being prepared. The bottom is filled with turf, tamped, and a mixture of earth, humus, compost, manure and peat is piled on top. Mineral supplements are added.
  2. In the spring three weeks before the vegetation, the trees are cut off: the crown is thinned, empty, weakened and dry shoots are removed.
  3. Care includes regular fertilizing four times a year, stimulating fruiting. Fertilizers are applied before the growing season, before flowering, when the apples ripen and after picking the fruit. Mixtures with superphosphate, potassium, manure are used.
  4. Trees are treated with insecticides to protect against insects.
  5. You need regular watering so that the fruits are juicy and large.

Harvesting and storage

Harvest should be after ripening apples. The variety is late ripening, so the fruits are harvested from September to October. On maturity says yellowed skin. You need to remove the apples carefully by hand, not letting them fall to the ground and be damaged.If the fruits do not ripen, collect them before frost and leave to reach indoors.

How to store Antonovka? First, sort the fruit and remove the damaged or rotted. Good apples can be placed in a wooden box, putting between the rows of straw or dry paper to avoid high humidity. Container send in a cool room, for example, in the cellar. Storage time depends on the region of growth. Ripe apples in northern areas are stored longer - up to 4 months, and southern ones - about 80-90 days.

Important! Do not wash the apples before storing so as not to wash off the protective upper layer of the peel. And do not place them near other fruits or vegetables to avoid mixing smells.

Use in cooking

Apples are an affordable and favorite product that can be used for a variety of culinary purposes. Compotes are prepared from them, mashed potatoes, jams, jellies, marshmallows, marshmallows and other desserts. It is an excellent filling for baking and an additive to hot dishes from meat and poultry. Also apples can be included in the composition of salads, and not only fruit, but also vegetable and even meat.

We offer recipes using aromatic Antonovka:

  1. Urine apples - tasty and easy to prepare delicacy. You need: a bucket of fruit, 5 liters of water, 170 g of sugar, 75 grams of salt, 30-40 g of rye flour (or malt), 70-80 grams of natural honey, currant and cherry leaves. Rinse apples with leaves, put them in a container in layers. Mix the remaining ingredients, boil the mixture, cool a little, add rye flour and pour the pouring on the fruit. From above, put the oppression and remove the tank for three weeks in a cool place.
  2. Just prepare the pastille: kilograms of apples free from the cores and clean, scroll on the meat grinder (you can grind in a blender), mix with two glasses of sugar. Blend the mixture on low heat for about 15 minutes until thick, cool and place on a tray or in another container, leveling the layer. Mushrooms can be dried in the oven at 90-100 degrees or naturally in the sun.
  3. Delicious turns apple jam from Antonovka. And cook it simply: two kilograms of fruits, peel and cut or blend, mix with 1.5 kg of sugar and leave for a couple of hours. Then put the mixture in a heat-resistant container on the fire, cook for five minutes after boiling, cool, again cook until the desired density.The jam is ready, you can harvest it for the winter.

Application in cosmetology

Antonovka apples are used for cosmetic purposes to cleanse the skin, eliminate hyperpigmentation, toning, rejuvenation, relieve inflammation, moisturizing and refreshing.

The easiest option is to grind the fruit in any way and immediately impose on the face, evenly distributing. After half an hour wash. And you can add apples in multi-component home remedies: masks, lotions. But the main thing is to apply them immediately after grinding, since they are quickly oxidized when interacting with oxygen.

Antonovka - delicious and fragrant apples, which will be enjoyed by everyone, will become the basis of many dishes and will help to preserve health and beauty!

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