Apartment or land with a house?

Hello. Our family is planning to move to Tver soon. But we can not decide: to buy an apartment in Tver or a land plot with a house in the Tver region?
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My parents and I always lived in a city apartment, I can�t even imagine myself in a house. I like the infrastructure and the proximity to work. Yes, and we get along with the neighbors.
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But on the contrary, it is much more comfortable for me to live in a house outside the city. The apartment is like a cage. In the house of living space is much more. Not far from Tver, you can buy land with a house on the river bank. Look, it may suit you, for example, land in the Kalininsky district:
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Natasha Daisy
������������Natasha Daisy
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And although I live in an apartment, I always dreamed of a country house. Especially when there were own children. If you have a car, then buy a house. You can always get to the city, but you will breathe clean air.
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If you have money for a house and a plot, why not? I personally like the private house more. Look at your requests.

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