And our great-grandmothers in the field gave birth, or is it worth giving birth at home?

For some reason, adherents of naturalness forget that it was medicine that sharply reduced the number of cases of infant and maternal mortality during childbirth, which at that time reached almost 50%. Yes, they gave birth in the field, because women did not have any maternity leave and had to work until the birth. That's just the joy of such birth, no one experienced, and if a woman gave birth in the field, it was only because she did not have time to get home.

After the birth, there was no time to rest either, especially if the family lived without relatives and there was no one to help around the house. That is why women had to start their usual household duties almost immediately, and not at all because giving birth was an easy and cheerful process for them, like a walk on the lawn. Without a trace, this did not go away for them, so women received a lot of complications - bleeding, hernia, and uterus prolapse. Such was the charge for the lack of the necessary recovery period after childbirth.

And our great-grandmothers in the field gave birth, or is it worth giving birth at home?

What do we have now? Equipped with the latest technology maternity hospital, qualified doctors, even anesthesia in childbirth and then come up with already, but still there are unreasonable women who are not looking for easy ways. And it would be okay in which other area they were heroes, but after all, they strive for complete naturalness in a question that concerns life and health not only for her, but also for the child. It seems that the women who will enter the burning hut will never be transferred to us, they will stop the galloping horse and give birth to a field without medical assistance.

Or not in the field, but at home. Horseradish radish is not sweeter. Yes, childbirth is a natural process. But "natural" does not mean "safe", it must be understood. And what is the general need to give birth at home? If you need to remove an appendix, you will not begin to delete it at home, and will go to hospital. Even you do not treat your teeth at home, but in the clinic. Is the birth of a child less important than dental treatment? Civilization gave us a great gift - the ability to save life and health in situations that 100 years ago were hopeless. Why artificially return to those dark times?

And our great-grandmothers in the field gave birth, or is it worth giving birth at home?

Contrary to popular belief, then people were neither healthier nor stronger. People were sick in the same way, they simply died of diseases more often and earlier. They had to be strong because work was the only way to live. Both pregnant women and patients worked. There were no excuses. Lived hard, but not for long. So when someone once again says that the women in the field used to give birth, and then they got up and worked further, tell them how it all turned for them.

One may criticize medicine for its imperfections, but this is the best that we have now. Would I like to exchange my painless childbirth in a private clinic with a good doctor and a professional team, where even resuscitation is ready to work at any moment, to give birth at home in the bathroom without anesthesia and qualified medical care? Yes, no way! The risk, of course, is a noble cause, but not a single normal woman will risk the life and health of a long-awaited child.

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