Amazing nearby: 28 unusual and funny things for the house

Have you ever thought that the things that surround us at home can be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also funny and original?

1.If you are a wonderful hostess and always strive for the ideal, then this cutting board will be to your taste. Your salad will be perfectly sliced!

And such a cutting board with a built-in colander for washing vegetables will speed up the process of cooking.

2.Rings for frying eggs - also a real find for ideal hostesses. Fried eggs will be perfectly round and will not flow to each other!

Well, if you want to please your loved ones, especially children, then this will help you with special molds for eggs.

3.The spiral rod will increase the life of your ballpoint pen. Due to the shape of the length of the rod is almost doubled.

4.Scissors with a laser sight will become an indispensable tool if you need to make an even cut.

5.Together with the water and merge the right products? A small device will not allow to “run away” even to a pea.

6.The simplest slicer will divide the peeled banana into slices by one pressing of the hand.

7.Do you like pizza as much as we love it? Then this device will help cut the tasty piece without loss.

8.Do you often roam at night? These slippers will not wake up the light of any of the household.

9.Unusually compact shelving can be a true find for any room.

10.Near such an aquarium even the most indifferent of your acquaintances will linger for a long time.

11.Clothespins-glass holders. Very convenient and mobile thing. Sometimes, they are simply necessary.

12.Let the pelvis of irregular shape, but very comfortable.

13.This cushion can not be denied in originality.

14.To take a bath to do this relaxation, it is enough just to have this miniature table.

15.Use toothpaste until the last drop in the tube will help such a simple device.

16.Cradle for adults. Now you can not feel insomnia.

And this option will suit you if you like to sleep in a tight embrace.

17.Package for lunch, imitating mold. You can be calm - no one will look at your sandwich))

18.The lamp-alarm clock will prove to be a very valuable thing if you get up very hard in the morning.It can be programmed for a certain time, and about an hour before awakening this wonderful flower will start to slowly open, gradually enveloping you with sunlight. Awakening will be very pleasant, as if you woke up in the country in the summer, and guarantees you a charge of good mood for the whole day.

19.Now the number of USB ports on your computer does not matter.

20.And the onion is cut and the fingers are intact.

21.Dress-wardrobe for lovely ladies.

22.In addition to the closet, you can purchase a box for women's shoes.

23.Unusual wine glasses with a straw. You can slowly drink a drink and enjoy the holiday. Guests will appreciate your creativity!

24.Not a calendar, but a dream! What a pleasure it is to chpokat days before a long-awaited event or vacation! The main thing is not to get carried away and do not ratchet all year))

25.A pleasant news for lovers of sleeping in such a pose! Now the dream will be doubly sweeter.

26.This wonderful sofa you will like, if you like to read.

27.Funny idea for those who are constantly looking for sneakers.

28.Toilet seat with built-in weights.

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Amazing nearby: 28 unusual and funny things for the house
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