All the secrets of the perfect keratin hair straightening

If your hair is curly from nature, and you dream of straight and obedient locks, then you can resort to such procedure as keratin hair straightening. To make such a procedure, by the way, can be done at home.

What it is?

In general, keratin is a special natural protein that is part of our hair, nails and even the corneas of the eyes. This substance provides the correct structure of tissues. If the hair is fluffy, weakened and has a porous structure, then, most likely, they simply do not have enough keratin. But it is quite possible to fix it.

Brilliance and power

During the procedure of keratin hair straightening, a specialist applies a special composition to the hair, which contains keratin. The substance penetrates the hair structure. And then the master uses the iron. And with such a thermal effect, keratin coagulates and forms an invisible to the eye, but a very strong film. Due to this, the hair straightens and becomes stronger and healthier.

How do they do it in the cabin?

If you decide to make keratin hair straightening in the salon, then here are the main steps in the procedure:

  1. First, the master will wash your hair with a special deep-cleaning shampoo, which will remove all that is unnecessary and allow the substances of the compound to easily penetrate into the structure of the hair.
  2. Then the specialist will apply a keratin composition to the hair. Ideally, it is selected individually for each client and taking into account the structure of the hair. When applied, the master will retreat about 1 centimeter from the roots, since the composition should not affect the scalp.
  3. Then the curls will be divided into large strands. Master using ironing will straighten strand by strand. The temperature, by the way, should also be selected individually. With such manipulations, keratin will form a film on the hair.

As you have seen, the technology is very simple, so that the procedure can also be carried out at home.

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure

Chic smoothness

Any procedure has its advantages and disadvantages. And what about keratin straightening? Let's start with the pros:

  • The benefits of the procedure for hair is that their structure changes.The film, formed by keratin, strengthens the hair and protects them from external negative influences.
  • Your hair will not only be healthy, but also beautiful. They will be obedient and shiny.
  • After the procedure, you will notice that combing has become much easier.
  • There will be no need for daily straightening curls using ironing.
  • Brazilian straightening can not harm the hair. Negative effects are possible only in two cases. First: the master did not process the hair completely. It turns out that areas of hair that are not covered with keratin composition will be exposed to heat, which is very harmful for curls. The second case: a specialist uses a low-quality tool. It is important to use only proven and high-quality formulations. But if everything was done correctly, then there will be no thermal effect. In addition, when applying it is important not to treat the root zone and the scalp, so that the product does not get into the skin and does not penetrate through it into the blood.
  • With proper hair care after the procedure, the effect will be quite long. It can last up to 2-3 months.
  • You will get rid of split ends.
  • There is a moisturizing effect.
  • If you wish, you can curl your hair and put it in any way.

Now about the shortcomings. They are few and insignificant:

  • Many are dissatisfied with the effect, but this is due to the dishonesty of the master. If you promise that the curls will remain straight until six months, do not believe it. And do not expect a miracle.
  • During the procedure, some toxic substances are released that can have a negative effect on the human body. But, first, the master gets most of the vapor (couples go up), and second, if you open the window, you can reduce this effect to nothing.
  • There are some limitations. So, if you decide to dye your hair after the procedure, the result may differ materially from what you want. The fact is that the protective keratin film will prevent the penetration of coloring pigments into the hair structure, so you will not see the expected effect.

How to do the procedure at home?

There is nothing difficult in the procedure, but there are still some features.

Choose a tool

The choice of means for straightening should be considered carefully and responsibly,since the result depends directly on the composition. What you need to pay attention to?

  • Acquire any means better in professional stores.
  • The price of the qualitative composition can not be too low. But overpaying for the brand is also optional.
  • It is best to seek the advice of an experienced master, he will tell you what is right for you.
  • Consider the color of your hair. So, if you are a blonde, then it is worth to choose gentle compositions, since blond hair is naturally weaker than dark hair. The same applies to colored curls. And if you regularly bleach your hair, then you should choose the most benign remedy, otherwise you risk spoiling your hair (after all, keratin straightening is a chemical effect).
  • You also need to determine the type of hair. So, if the hair is soft, then semi-professional compositions are suitable, for example, such as "Keratin research", "Ekoz", "Aqva", "Inoar", "CocoChoco". For medium-curly hair, choose one of the following products: “Inoar”, “Daniel Philipp”, “Cadiveu”. But if the hair is stiff, then you should use only professional products with a long-lasting effect: “Cadiveu”, “Brazilian blowout”, “Global Keratin”, “Inoar”, “Coppola”.

What is required for the procedure?

Your vows

What is needed for keratin straightening? Here is a list:

  • Shampoo. Before applying the head, it is better to wash it with a special shampoo from the same series, this will strengthen the effect.
  • Straightener.
  • Spray. It will allow to apply and distribute the composition evenly, which is very important.
  • Barrette. It will simplify the procedure.
  • Iron for straightening hair. It is advisable to take the device with a ceramic coating, it is most harmless to the hair.
  • Comb. The best option is a round brush.
  • Hair dryer It is needed in order to dry hair, this will allow substances to penetrate the hair structure better.

Do I need to study?

Special training is not required, but still before the procedure it is better to watch the training video and thoroughly and carefully study the instructions. Better yet, consult an experienced master.

How is the procedure?

How to make homemade keratin hair straightening? Here are the main steps:

  1. Wash hair with a special shampoo. Better to do it twice. Then dry the curls with a towel.
  2. Straighten the agent into the spray gun.
  3. Fasten your hair with a hairpin on the back of your head.
  4. Separate small strands one by one, apply the composition on it and immediately comb it so that it is better absorbed. Do not touch the roots!
  5. Wait 15 minutes (you will learn the exact time from the instructions).
  6. Blow-dry your hair while straightening it with a comb.
  7. Snap the hair again. Separate one strand of medium size, straighten it with an iron. It is better to seek help from a friend, as you are unlikely to succeed in straightening the occipital locks.
  8. Apply a special keratin serum.

What then?

What should be the care after straightening? Here are some important points:

  1. You can wash your hair after the procedure only after three days (although with the use of some drugs this can be done the very next day).
  2. Three or four days do not stack and do not curl your hair, do not use hairpins and elastic bands.
  3. For two weeks, do not perform any other procedures.
  4. Repeated straightening to fix the result can be carried out no earlier than 10 days after the first procedure.
  5. Within three days after the straightening, give up swimming in the sea and in the pool, as well as intensive loads.
  6. Brush your hair gently.

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