All the secrets of massage stones

Stone therapy is a special type of massage, a unique wellness procedure, which practically has no analogues all over the world. Today, this method of relaxation and recovery of the body is very popular among residents of large cities and cities, its effectiveness is recognized by the majority of specialists and those ordinary people who have already tried its effect on themselves.

Pleasant procedure

The result of the procedure is a wonderful mood, an excellent state of mind and an instant increase in the level of vitality, as well as general physical harmony and deliverance from many unpleasant feelings inside the body that could torment you for many years. What kind of miracle procedure is this?

Stone therapy is a special massage technology that uses natural stones.

The whole process is based on the real influence of contrasting temperatures on the human body, massage with a constant change of hot and cold stones introduces a person into a special state of harmony and relaxation, driving away all unpleasant sensations and gravity, stimulating the body's energy centers.

Speaking in a nutshell, this is a massage performed by hot and cold stones using point massage. According to experts, such therapy can relieve many ailments, improve the state of the immune and endocrine systems, contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, as well as beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels.

Pleasant stroking movements of sliding stones can relieve from severe headaches, strong muscular pains (for example, after heavy physical exertion), and also improve digestion processes and even relieve from insomnia!

Nice and interesting

Stone therapy can also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system; it is an effective treatment for depression, neurosis, fatigue and stress, which have recently become the eternal companions of the modern and active person.

If there are no such problems, then massage with the use of stone therapy is an excellent means for general relaxation and elevation of mood, because the slow progress of alternating hot and cold stones throughout the body can leave a real feeling of “flight”.

To gray roots

It turns out that the history of the emergence of such an amazing therapy began long before the modern society was formed, because even in Mesopotamia they used large hot stones to treat many ailments.

The ancient Indians and Romans knew about the beneficial properties of the most common stones, whose healing properties were highly valued and used in those times. The American indigenous people were convinced that stones are not just natural rocks, they are real guardians of the world, who remember everything that happened there before mankind appeared on Earth.

Need special pebbles

If you believe the Indian experience, the stones are a real energy field, the result of the interaction of all four elements - they were born of the earth, and over the centuries of existence they absorbed a huge amount of solar, wind and water energy.

Just think: most people still perceive the stone as a special amulet, acquiring pebbles-amulets for good luck or good luck, from the evil eye or for the fulfillment of desires.

Many shamans and healers use special crystals and stones of certain breeds in their rituals.The technique of using hot stones for relaxation of overstressed muscles and for other medicinal purposes was actively practiced in ancient China, during the rule of the Chang dynasty.

The Chinese believed that the special energy of charged stones is able to neutralize the negative energy of a person accumulated over a long time, as well as eliminate stresses and tensions.

Under the action of hot stones, excess fluid is removed from the body, local expansion of the vessels is carried out, which facilitates the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.

How does this work?

However surprising it may sound, people who lived thousands of years ago were not mistaken, such procedures are really very useful and effective and, just the same, it’s all about the temperature effect of stones, which is combined with elements of reflexotherapy.

Relaxation is guaranteed

To believe or not in the energetic power of stones is a personal matter, as they say, but, probably, in order to draw any definite conclusions, it is necessary to try this therapy directly on yourself.

During a session of such a massage, a certain amount of stones are used, do you think that any smooth stones, heated or cooled to a certain temperature, are suitable for this?

And here and there, not everything is so simple.Professional masseurs usually use 54 hot stones of black rock (usually of volcanic origin), which retain heat for a very long time. For cold therapy, white stones are used, usually they are cool pieces of white marble, smooth and trimmed just enough so that they do not slide off the back and other parts of the body during the procedure.

Some masters even use semiprecious minerals during the procedure, which promote the release of energy and are a powerful medicine against many ailments.

Stone therapy begins with massaging with hot stones at the feet, then movements smoothly transfer to the legs, hips and arms, everything happens slowly and smoothly, warming up the relaxed muscles well.

After the master begins to use cold stones, causing contrasting sensations in different parts of the body, everything repeats and constantly alternates, which at some point is impossible to figure out what kind of stones the master is working at the moment.

The main advantage of this therapy in comparison with the usual massage is the presence of a contrasting temperature effect, which occurs at the deep levels of the human body.

The beauty of this procedure is also in the fact that it is necessarily carried out in the right setting: dim lights, relaxing music, and accompanying aromatherapy. The duration of the session from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, after the lapse of time composure begins, a person is enriched with a charge of vigor and energy for the week ahead.

To whom stone therapy is contraindicated?

It turns out that such a beautiful and powerful tool to combat many ailments still has its own list of contraindications. It includes:

  • Pregnant women;
  • People who have skin diseases. This item is associated with the specificity of the procedure: constant temperature changes lead to changes in skin moisture, which can cause side effects, especially in people who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, etc .;
  • Massage is contraindicated in the presence of fractures, bruises, damage to internal organs.
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