All the features of training cycling

There is a mass of a wide variety of exercises for every taste. Some of them are of high intensity, while others are fascinating and interesting. If you love cycling, then cycling will be the best option for you. By the way, to be able to drive is not necessary. Learn how to do fun and profitably!

What it is?

What does this unfamiliar word "saykling" mean? In fact, everything is simple. It's training on exercise bikes. But not just a monotonous ride at one pace, but an imitation of real exciting rides on the slopes, mountains and other places. The pioneer and developer was an American, John Goldberg, who invented the exercise bike and a training program on it.

Healthy body

It was still in the distant 90s of the last century, but the program began to gain popularity relatively recently. The training was initially aimed at improving the shape and getting rid of extra pounds. But it's also very useful and very exciting!

How are the training done?

What is cycling? How are the training done? They were always group and were held indoors. Today it is not difficult to purchase an exercise bike and place it at home, so you can do it at home, in splendid isolation. But this, of course, is not so interesting and fascinating, as in the hall with the coach and with other “racers”.

The whole group sits on the simulators, the trainer simulator is placed in front of the others, so that everyone can see what needs to be done and how. Classes are held on energetic and rhythmic music, which makes move even more active.

All lessons differ from each other: some are suitable for beginners, others are optimal for “advanced riders”, others are designed for professionals. In addition, the load and goals are different, because someone needs to lose weight, someone needs to work out the muscles, while others want to increase endurance and strengthen their health.

This is how it looks

One lesson lasts about 40-60 minutes, this is the time needed to start the process of active fat burning and work out all muscle groups. Begins training with a warm-up, allowing you to warm up muscles, then the main part goes, and then there comes a hitch.

In some rooms in front of the students there is a big screen, on which various images appear that create the illusion of reality. So you can ride through the woods, the park, the desert and even in the mountains.

What does this give?

The benefit of Sikling has long been proven. Here are the main benefits of training:

  • No special skills are required to perform the exercises, absolutely everyone will cope with stationary bicycles.
  • Many can not exercise because of back problems, which today are very common among people of all ages. Cycling is suitable for such people, since the load on the lower back and back is almost absent.
  • This is a great and effective way to get rid of extra pounds! During one session, you can burn about 500-700 calories, and this is a lot.
  • This is a fairly intense cardio training, which allows you to strengthen the heart and improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. In addition, breathing is normalized and metabolic processes are accelerated.
  • Cycling is a great way to relieve stress, improve your mood and get a boost of energy.
  • Almost all muscle groups work: calves, thighs, buttocks, abs and even arms. And such high-grade loads will allow to improve a figure comprehensively.
  • It's just fun and exciting!

Is it possible to do everything?

Although cycling is safe, there are still some contraindications:

  • obesity and too much weight;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, tachycardia, angina, and heart failure);
  • phlebeurysm;
  • phlebitis and thrombophlebitis;
  • injuries;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (in particular, the knee or ankle joints).

It is better in any case to consult with your doctor before starting training.

How best to train?

Training will be effective only if conducted correctly.

  • First, it is best to work with an instructor so that he can direct you in the right direction and immediately point out all the errors.
  • Secondly, it is important to choose the time. In fact, it can be any convenient for you, but you should not do it before bed (2 hours) or immediately after awakening (it is worth waiting a couple of hours).
  • Thirdly, two hours before training and about an hour after it, do not eat anything! This will allow the body to actively burn fat and get rid of everything that is superfluous.
  • Fourthly, both during the training and after it you can and should drink. But only clean non-carbonated water will do.
  • Fifth, the optimal frequency of training is three times a week, not more (muscles need time to recover).
  • Sixth, increase the load gradually and only with the trainer.
  • Seventh, do not make sudden movements, do not stop abruptly and do not overstrain.

What do you need for classes?

Simulators must be modern

Before you start training, prepare everything you need:

  • Bike shorts. You can purchase and ordinary, but then you regret it. The fact is that cycling have a special compacted part in the area between the buttocks and in the crotch area. And since intimate places suffer greatly during intense training, this detail will come in very handy and will save you from unpleasant sensations.
  • Gloves. They will protect from sliding hands from the arms of the exercise bike.
  • Sneakers. The sole must be firm so that the feet are securely fixed on the pedals and do not slide off them.
  • Towel.You will need it if you need to brush the sweat from your face (and it will perform).
  • A water bottle should always be on hand.


Together more fun

Several exercises:

  1. Classic pedal rotation: sit up straight, straighten your back, pull in your stomach, place your hands on the arms, but do not clasp them. One foot must be pressed on the appropriate pedal, while the other must simultaneously bring the other pedal to the buttock.
  2. When standing, stand up straight, pull in your stomach and tighten your buttocks. The movements are carried out only due to the work of the muscles of the hips, the other muscles only fix the position. Buttocks do not move.
  3. The “dancer” exercise is performed like this: stand up, put your hands on the steering wheel and, as it were, step on one pedal first, then on the other, while actively and freely moving your pelvis from side to side.


A few recommendations for effective workouts:

  • First set up the exercise bike. His seat should be located about 5 centimeters above the ilium (below the waist). Sit on the simulator. The legs should be slightly bent, while the back does not bend or strain. All regulators lock.
  • Pedals need not rotate the toes, and the entire foot.
  • Monitor your condition and heartbeat. If you feel unwell, stop.
  • If necessary, consult with an instructor, listen to him.

Sit down on the exercise bike and forward, to the slender figure!

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