All about trampolining: what, where and how

All about trampolining: what, where and how

About the benefits

The trampoline is a versatile and multifunctional simulator that can easily replace any training session (10–15 minutes of intense trampoline jumps can be equated to 2–3 kilometers of running) and not only. Jumping:

  • strengthen the large and small muscles of the back, body, legs and, in principle, train our entire body in the literal sense of the word from the tips of our fingers to the head;
  • each landing on an elastic trampoline is equal to twice the force of gravity, therefore not only muscles but also bones will be strengthened from regular workouts;
  • improve coordination of the movements, the work of the vestibular apparatus and the motility of the feet. Batutist, he is like a cat - from any position he is able to land on his feet (to jump without harm to health, you need to connect your knees, ankle and, of course, your head);
  • stimulate blood circulation, providing the brain with oxygen, improving its performance, and consequently, concentration, memory, attention. Bad drivers, for example, this skill while driving does not hurt.You can easily control not only what is happening in the front, but also behind it, and analyze in advance not only your own actions, but also the actions of those who are traveling side by side. In my opinion, doctors are simply obligated to prescribe trampoline sports to absent-minded, inattentive people and those whose profession is associated with active thinking activity;
  • Finally, while jumping on a trampoline, a serious portion of endorphins is produced, so trampoline is still a very effective anti-depressant.

All about trampolining: what, where and how

As well as a gym, a chocolate bar and a super power in an hour workout - class!

How to jump:

  • go to the center of the net and spread your legs shoulder-width apart (be careful not to lose this position when landing);
  • try standing in the center of the trampoline to do some light jumps. Extinguish the inertia of the jump, bending your knees after landing;
  • to maintain balance, focus your eyesight on the edge of the trampoline while jumping. Do not be distracted by the different thoughts that will come to your mind;
  • in a jump, you should try to keep your head, shoulders, hips, hips, knees as far as possible on the same line.The glance should be directed towards the edge of the trampoline, but periodically it is necessary to quickly switch it to the grid in order to visually fix the contact of the legs with its center;
  • any basic element must be performed with maximum concentration and attention, and regardless of your trampoline experience, exclusively with a trainer;
  • if your goal is to learn how to perform backflips and other tricky tricks (in fact it's much easier than it seems), you need to train regularly (at least once a week);
  • standard training lasts 45-60 minutes + 10 minutes are allocated to the required warm-up before (warm-up of the joints + skipping rope + pull-ups) and a hitch after (jumping in place is the most fun, as after the trampoline the sense of gravity disappears).


If you are a beginner, nobody will let you on the trampoline without prior instruction and a qualified instructor.

  • jumping on a trampoline is contraindicated for those who have any problems with the spine and vestibular apparatus, as well as during pregnancy;
  • You can only jump on the trampoline on the center of the grid, otherwise you risk getting injured;
  • The right stop technique is very important.In the case of a non-central landing or while learning new jumps, this will help maintain control of the situation;
  • A good trampoline can withstand up to 120 kilograms.

All about trampolining: what, where and how

3 more facts in favor of the trampoline, if we have not persuaded you:

  • while jumping, our body begins to release hormones of joy (the initial fear instantly disappears, we begin to enjoy every second of the flight and the moment of landing);
  • trampoline - the fastest and easiest way to clear your head of unresolved issues and problems, to relieve stress and tension - to relax;
  • jumping on a trampoline improves metabolism and prolongs our youth, the latter has even been proven by scientists, so take an example from cats - jump!

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