Acrylic nail extensions

Every woman has to watch the beauty of her face and hands. But a business lady does not always have enough time for a daily manicure, and because of the constant homework with her hands, her nails begin to lacquer, the nails start to break. Nail extensions are the choice of modern women, because thanks to this procedure the nails remain long and beautiful for long weeks. In beauty salons, this service is very expensive, but there is a way out - to build up at home, and the costs will cost you ten times cheaper. The build-up can be carried out without any special skills, the main thing is to follow the step-by-step photos and watch the video carefully. Liquid 2. Playmer 3. Forms for building 4. Acryl 5. Tipsy (transparent or dairy) 6. Cutting pliers 7. TipSorez 8. Soft nail file for grinding nails 9. Solid nail file for natural and exfoliated nails. 10.Acrylic brush (size 7-8)
 for building with acrylics
Building acrylics on tips before gel has many advantages: tips can be removed, they are more durable and subject to restoration, when as a broken nail, accrued by the gel, you have to file, besides, gel nails can not be restored. Before the procedure, the nails must be carefully treated. They must be clipped to the root, sawed off by a nail file and there should not be a varnish on them.
 Acrylic Nail Extension
The orange cuticle carefully removes the cuticle. You do not need to cut it, it will be disguised after applying acrylic.
 Acrylic nail extensions
All nails with a nail file need to be treated so that they have a rough surface.
Acrylic nail extensions
For each nail, you need to pick up a tip - a false nail. They come in ten sizes. The number is on the top of the tips.Spread a special nail glue on the tip. In secret I will say that Chinese tips are very short-lived, so pay a little extra and choose a Korean or European manufacturer.
 Acrylic Nail Art
Stick the tips, hold it on the nail a few seconds, until the glue dries. You should feel when the tips are firmly glued to the nail plate.
 Acrylic Nail Extension
Do this procedure with each nail. Sometimes it happens that tips of the same size fit on the same nail, or the nail of the right hand differs in size from the nail of the left - do not be alarmed, it happens.

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