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About 4damki.ruThere are no bad times ... Everyone will decide for himself what is best for him. But here’s the catch: knowing everything is not possible. We wake up in the morning and understand that our every day is a new lesson - a life lesson. Sometimes, he mercilessly deprives us of everything, and sometimes, creates for us all the conditions for a comfortable and happy existence.

Knowledge should not end at school or college. Throughout our lives, we derive information from the world around us. The Internet, the latest, successfully entered into our being, a novelty. It is so spacious, multifaceted, well-formed, that you don’t have to wrestle with what and where to look.

We have become part of this virtual life. We are a 4damki.ru project and a team of professionals that helps you find the answer to any question. Forget about the times when you had to look for the right information day and night. One successful request and all the topics that you want to touch, before your eyes.

We do not set ourselves the task to distinguish ourselves, to stand out among others like us. We just want to supplement the existing, close the existing gaps, advise, recommend in a friendly way or tell something new, to an unknown village.

Our project was created for those who are interested in the outside world, lives for their own pleasure, cares about themselves and their loved ones, likes to learn not only other people, but also themselves.

We are proud that we have become useful to you. The project team 4damki.ru hopes for a long and fruitful cooperation with visitors, guests and friends of our resource.

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