About intimate: feminine hygiene

Intimate hygiene is a delicate subject, and they discuss it with their gynecologist, and even more so among themselves, not all. In the same way as not everyone understands the importance of proper care "there." Meanwhile, even minimal knowledge of intimate hygiene can prevent a number of diseases and complications from women's health.


The vaginal microflora consists mainly of lactobacilli. They play a huge role in protecting against pathogens. Lactobacilli produce lactic acid, which maintains a normal acid-base balance, unsuitable for the reproduction of pathogenic organisms. And when the pH level changes abruptly in the wrong direction, the balance is disturbed and harmful bacteria can easily colonize the microflora, leading to the development of infections and inflammations. The following symptoms should alert you: nagging pain in the lower abdomen, itching in the genital area, the release of unusual texture and color, unpleasant smell, burning sensation when urinating, pain during sexual intercourse.

If you notice one or more of the listed symptoms, it is a reason to immediately consult a doctor to prescribe treatment. In this case, it is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, despite the abundance of funds and their free access to the pharmacy, since diseases of the genital organs are similar to each other and you will not be able to diagnose yourself after reading the symptoms on the Internet. You should also pay attention to common risk factors that violate the acid-base balance of the vagina: frequent changes of sexual partners, synthetic underwear, tight clothing, hormonal failure, weakened immunity, antibiotics, malnutrition, etc. So, if you you are in a risk zone, you need to carefully monitor your health and hygiene.

Basic rules of intimate hygiene

Frequent washing, exactly the same as a rare one, harms and disrupts normal microflora. Hygiene should be moderate. Here and there you can find information that you need to dabble 3-4 times a day, but it's wrong. Such frequent washing provokes dryness, which means that the pH environment does not change for the better.It is enough to wash 1–2 times a day, but if you suddenly need to take a shower more often, wash only with clean water, without using hygiene products.

Some girls mistakenly believe that it is not necessary to have a separate tool for intimate hygiene. Conventional soap and shower gels disrupt the normal acid-base environment, causing the death of lactobacilli, irritation, allergic reactions and contributing to the reproduction of pathogenic microbes. A suitable tool for intimate hygiene should be from 3.8 to 4.5 pH. It is better if it will additionally contain lactobacilli and extracts of medicinal plants that have a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effect. Just keep in mind that you can use the tool for intimate hygiene only on the outer areas, so as not to disturb the natural bacterial environment. On the other hand, some gynecologists assert that it is quite sufficient to maintain cleanliness using ordinary warm water.

Properly chosen towel also plays an important role in intimate hygiene. It should not contain synthetic fibers - an ideal accessory made of cotton or flax, which allows the skin to breathe.A hard towel also does not fit, otherwise you can injure the tender skin and bring the infection. Towels for intimate hygiene should have only one mistress and change every 2-3 days.

The main mistake in choosing gaskets, tampons and intimate hygiene products is the preference for perfumed products. The fact is that any fragrances, even if you do not suffer from allergies, can cause irritation and inflammation. So give up any perfumed products for the care of sensitive areas in favor of non-flavored and preferably hypoallergenic.

Underwear also plays an important role in intimate hygiene. It should be from natural breathable fabric, completely excluding synthetics. If there is no such possibility, which is understandable because of the desire to wear beautiful underwear, which is not always convenient, then you should minimize its wearing. Also, gynecologists do not approve of thongs that provoke irritation and inflammation, as well as infection with harmful bacteria.

5 Best Means for Intimate Hygiene

Gel for intimate hygiene "Epigen Intim"

This product delicately cleans, maintains the optimal level of microflora and contains in its composition only useful components.Lactic acid normalizes the acid-base balance of the mucous membrane, protecting the genitals from infections. Glycyrrhizinic acid has healing properties, strengthens local immunity and fights against pathogens. Glycerin moisturizes and softens the skin, phytosphynosins relieve inflammation and fight microbes. Daily use of the gel speeds up healing and also destroys microbes, preventing the development of thrush. And most importantly, the tool does not cause allergic reactions and will become an indispensable tool in critical days, when the issue of cleanliness and freshness is particularly acute.

Gel for intimate hygiene "Epigen Intim"

Gel for intimate hygiene "Epigen Intim" (783 rub.)

Gel for intimate hygiene Nivea Intimate Natural

The soft formula of the gel, which includes natural and medicinal ingredients, carefully cares for the sensitive skin of intimate body parts. Aloe vera extract moisturizes, soothes and softens the skin, chamomile has antiseptic properties and eliminates inflammation, and lactic acid maintains the natural pH level. Despite the fact that the gel has a light fragrance, it is hypoallergenic.Means gives a feeling of purity and freshness throughout the day. Moreover, you will certainly appreciate its affordable price.

Gel for intimate hygiene Intimate Natural, Nivea

Gel for intimate hygiene Intimate Natural, Nivea (279 rubles).

Gel for intimate hygiene Lactacyd Femina

One of the most popular products for intimate hygiene designed specifically for everyday use. It contains neither dyes, fragrances, nor soap, therefore irritations and allergic reactions are completely excluded. The texture means soft, silky and very pleasant, and the smell is neutral, which will especially appeal to girls who do not like fragrances. Thanks to the antibacterial ingredients in the composition, after using the gel, a feeling of purity and freshness will accompany you throughout the day, and there will be no trace of the unpleasant smell. Lactacyd Femina is an ideal tool for intimate hygiene, which gynecologists often recommend to their patients.

Gel for intimate hygiene Lactacyd Femina

Gel for intimate hygiene Lactacyd Femina (319 rubles).

Gel for intimate hygiene Sesderma Intimate Hygiene Gel

The composition of this tool is significantly different from its "brothers". It contains burdock extract, panthenol and even hyaluronic acid. If the first ones are aimed at removing irritations, inflammations, moisturizing, restoring and softening, then hyaluronic acid gives the skin elasticity, prolonging youth in the intimate zone.In addition, the gel is an excellent prevention of the development of thrush and other fungal diseases, can be used as an additional treatment during these problems.

Gel for intimate hygiene Sesderma Intimate Hygiene Gel

Gel for intimate hygiene Sesderma Intimate Hygiene Gel (2 350 rub.)

Gel for intimate hygiene KORA

The product contains soft ingredients that neutralize the hardness of tap water, so after its use there is no feeling of dryness. The composition of the gel includes chamomile and calendula, which soothe, soften and relieve irritation, lactic acid, which maintains the natural pH of the intimate area, and an antimicrobial complex that protects the skin from bacteria, eliminates unpleasant odors and gives a fresh feeling until the end of the day. Gel KORA perfectly removes discomfort after using daily pads and synthetic underwear.

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