A simple and delicious recipe for cherry pie in a slow cooker

Many have already appreciated the advantage of cooking dinner in a slow cooker. You just need to put the right ingredients in the bowl and select the desired program. But it turns out that this convenient device is not only suitable for roasting meat or boiling soups and cereals. In a slow cooker, you can quite successfully prepare desserts. Now you do not need to smudge a pile of dishes, mixing the dough and the filling. Just put everything you need in the bowl and wait for the result!

For example, to bake a delicious cherry pie, you no longer need to stand at the stove and guard. Do not even have to mix the dough! Put the berry mixture for the cake on the bottom of the multicooker bowl.

Then add the dry baking mix.

Fill it with melted butter.

When using a ready-made cake pan, you do not need to mix the dough. To make the dessert even tastier, you can add some white chocolate.

Stuffing for the cake can be done independently.Peel cherries, add sugar and a little starch. For 4 cups of cherry, you need to take a glass of sugar, 3 tablespoons of starch (better than corn), and, if the cherry is too sweet, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. If the cherry is fresh, it needs to be heated a little with sugar. Frozen enough to melt.

Put the slow cooker for 60 minutes + 40 minutes in the "baking" mode. After that, it remains only to wait for the readiness of the dish. It is unlikely that the cake will have a classic shape, but its taste will not suffer at all.

In addition to cherries, you can use any other fruits and berries. Now it became even easier to cook.

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