Party "for whom ... million"

In Beijing, the first party was held for the lonely and wealthy.

The first evening of dating for those who are "for a million", was successfully held in the Chinese capital. The party was distinguished from other similar events by the fact that only people with a large fortune were admitted to it.

Every man who came in the evening looking for the second half paid 100,000 yuan ($ 15,000) for the ticket. The event was closed and absolutely not advertised. Nevertheless, the evening came more than 20 single millionaires.

Lonely women for the entrance to the party did not have to pay. True, the organizers of the blind date made even higher demands on the candidates than on men. The girls were selected on the strict parameters of beauty and intelligence. Among the 22 single ladies there were many winners of various beauty contests.

During the evening, the girls had to not only look beautiful, but also demonstrate their talents - someone sang, danced, and someone cooked. Also, the girls came to the potential suitors in wedding dresses, so that they could feel the seriousness of the situation.

It is too early to judge whether someone found “true love” at the last evening.In any case, the organizers were satisfied: they earned more than $ 300 thousand by selling tickets.

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