A brave girl came up with an original trap and caught a large snake in her plot.

In the middle lane are rare venomous snakes. But for some regions the idea of ​​such a trap can be very useful. This is not every day you see! Many men would prefer to avoid a fight with such a big snake. But one young lady came up with a cunning trap to catch an uninvited guest, who settled in her yard.

The trap that the girl designed is capable of holding a snake large enough. At the base is a part of an ordinary plastic bottle, cut off so that it is convenient for the snake to crawl through it into a special mesh. On the other hand, there are sharp ends that prevent the reptile from getting out of the trap. The girl checks the device in which she left the bait, every other day. And the result does not disappoint her!

Lovers of snakes this video is unlikely to appeal ... It seems that the girl has serious experience in catching dangerous reptiles.

So from the part of the fan, a few nails and a plastic bottle it turned out to be an excellent device for catching snakes.

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