9 kinds of flooring for a bedroom

It is great if it can create additional sound insulation to improve the microclimate in the room. It also takes into account the degree of complexity of installation, especially the preparation of the base, for example, whether a primer of deep penetration is needed in order to be properly installed. It is impossible to ignore the need to conform to stylistic decisions and harmonious appearance. Consider the types of flooring for the bedroom, which are considered the most popular and practical.


One of the most suitable options, which is characterized by warmth, softness. Pleasant to the touch with long fibers can be combined with other finishing materials. For example, fleecy rugs are suitable for the area near the bed so that you would be pleased to stand on his bare feet in the morning.

Modular carpet tile

This material is derived from the above.However, it has a number of additional advantages. In fact, it is cut into pieces carpet, the base of which is reinforced, thereby achieving an increased density. This tile will not bend.

PVC Linoleum

This type is meant when they talk about this linoleum in principle. It is well known to most, today it is used for various rooms - rooms for rest, kitchen, and even in bathrooms and bathrooms. The lower layer is provided as a special substrate for noise insulation, and at the top there is a layer with a pattern that can imitate wood qualitatively. It has many advantages, including hygiene, inexpensive price, ease of maintenance, moisture resistance. If you pick up more expensive products, it can last for many years without defects.


Previously, linoleum was a natural finish, despite the fact that the analogue of polyvinyl chloride today replaced the original product because of the optimal set of performance characteristics and budget value.Marmoleum is made from jute or cork base, and the main filler is oil, resin, sawdust, various coloring compositions, as well as a protective upper layer. It is an eco-friendly, moisture-proof and anti-static choice that is easy to maintain. The presence of resin and oil in the composition gives antibacterial qualities.

Tree Array

Often it is confused with piece parquet. This is natural wood, the difference is solely in size. The array can be from 60 centimeters to 6 metro in length and within 7-20 centimeters in width. The service life can reach up to five decades. Massive boards are subject to multiple scrapping, restoration, and is also considered environmentally friendly.

Piece of parquet

This is a fully natural product that is made from wood. The advantages are almost identical to the array, but there are some features. It is also suitable for multiple one-off grinding (up to ten times) to give the initial appearance. In modern points of sale a wide choice of colors and textures, you can use parquet elements of different shapes, interconnect and create interesting patterns on the floor.

Parquet board

It differs from the above two types in that it is not made from solid wood. This finishing material is considered to be three-layered. Top valuable wood, which are actually "responsible" for the design and basic qualities of the board. Its thickness is a fundamental nuance, on which depends the possibility of reusable grinding, styling peculiarities. For the latter, there are many ways - from the traditional Soviet “Christmas tree” to more sophisticated technologies.


Laminated surface is a democratic analogue of parquet, which is inferior to it only in naturalness. Laminate is able to withstand significant temperature fluctuations, it is simply mounted, resistant to mechanical damage, is relatively used for a long time. The lack of moisture resistance, if it is not used for a bathroom or a kitchen, cannot be considered a serious flaw.


Cork flooring is another great finish option. The positive side of this variety is ecological and bactericidal qualities.In addition, the cork is quite pleasant to the touch. In the process of walking such flooring is capable of springing, which is useful for the musculoskeletal system. Cork has the ability of sound absorption, can effectively retain heat.

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