8 inexpensive holiday dresses that look like a million

First, look for denser fabrics and large patterns instead of small “village” flowers. Secondly, give preference to long dresses and dresses of medium length. Thirdly, avoid underwear styles and very thin fabrics: the same nightie dresses made of natural silk even for designer brands for some reason do not know how to look expensive. And fourthly, be careful with embroidery and abundant decor - these elements can be sewn at random, it’s better that you yourself then add decorations to the dress to your taste. Dresses that can pretend to be expensive creations in our selection.

Jacquard Midi Dress

Evening dress should be unmistakably different from summer sarafan if not by drawing, then certainly by the density of the fabric. Thin chiffon or synthetic fabric imitating it flutter in the wind, and thick jacquard sits on the figure clearly and emphasizes your silhouette.

Whistles Midi Dress

Whistles Midi Dress (£ 100 at a discount)

Merino wool dress

The task to combine the spectacular appearance and heat resistance of their hostess is done: it is a warm festive dress for those who do not want to freeze in the New Year under any circumstances, but do not want to dress like “cabbage” either.

Merino Wool Uniqlo Dress

Uniqlo dress from merino wool (4 999 rub.)

Dress made of artificial leather

Artificial leather is well disguised as real and expensive, if it is black, dark blue or dark brown leather without a treacherous lacquered sheen. So if you find a dress made of such leather “for yourself”, then you will return to it more than once as a favorite thing in the wardrobe.

Topshop Dress

Topshop Dress (£ 25 on discount)

Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses are our undisputed favorites when it comes to a versatile holiday outfit. With an inconspicuous T-shirt under the jacket and delicate jewelry, this dress will look very sexy, without any associations with the official business style.

Bershka Dress Blazer

Bershka Dress Blazer (3,599 rubles)

Dress with paillettes

Dresses with sequins have one specific property: they always look expensive, because sequins for designer outfits and for affordable ones are made of the same artificial material.Only in the fitting room pay attention to the tailoring: the sequins on the new dress should hold tight and without “bald patches”.

Zara dress with sequins

Zara dress with sequins (2 599 rubles)

Dress shirt

A simple shirt dress in some basic color is not such a banal variant, and it looks much more expensive than polyester dresses that try to fit the figure. In addition, a dress made of pure cotton after steaming magically takes on an even more presentable appearance, but synthetics are not capable of such.

Stradivarius shirt dress

Shirt dress Stradivarius (1 499 rub. On a discount)

Long satin dress

On the "image" of the dress works not only the fabric and style, but also the colors. The more shade of “expensive” associations, the more noble the impression will be made by the thing itself. And the colors of precious stones - sapphires, emeralds and rubies - can be trusted safely.

Satin Mango Dress

Mango satin dress (4 999 rub. On discount)

Lace dress with sleeves

There are stamps that specialize exclusively on lace outfits, and this material is a work of art. The brand Self-Portrait refers to just that, only to find her outfits at a discount and in affordable sizes is a great success.

Lace dress Self-Portrait

Lace dress Self-Portrait (8 660 руб.

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