7 romantic books that will cure a broken heart

We have chosen works that can take you into the world of subtle feelings, beautiful people and the intricacies of fate. Because love exists.

Lucy Maud Montgomery. “Anna from the Green Roofs Farm”. Graphic novel

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Brother and sister Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert from the Green Roofs farm decide to take care of the boy from the orphanage to help with the hard work and support in old age. But at the shelter they messed up something and sent a red-haired girl, Anna Shirley. Immediate, sociable, emotional, Anna turns life in Avonley - never before was there such an immediate child.

Time passes, and Anna from the girl turns into a girl. Of course, it does not do without romantic feelings.

This touching story was written by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908. The story was reprinted many times, formed the basis of films and performances, and now came out in the form of a graphic novel.Wonderful illustrations transfer to the atmosphere of “Green Roofs” and show Anna in all her glory - with red hair and freckles she hates so much.

Perhaps the secret of the success of the story is that inside every woman there lives such a girl - a dreamer and a visionary who enjoys life and tries hard to become happy. And she will be delighted with this comic.

Emily Bronte. "Wuthering Heights"

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Once, the owner of the Grozovaya Pass estate, Mr. Earnsho, picked up a boy dying of hunger on the road. He sheltered the orphan, called him Heathcliff and began to grow as a mother.

Heathcliff and daughter Ernsho Catherine became friends. Over time, the friendship grew into stronger feelings. But the “rootless” Heathcliff was not accepted among Catherine’s circle, and she herself laughed at his lack of coherence. The girl chose a more suitable for the status of the young man, and, although realizing that she was committing treason, she married him. Heathcliff, “a man with the soul of a wolf,” left Wuthering Heights to return and take revenge on everyone who caused him suffering.

This novel is full of fatal passions, tragic coincidences of circumstances, pain, love and human vices.According to Somerset Maugham, this is “a painful, powerful, and passionate book.” And it is definitely worth reading.

Jane Austen. "Pride and Prejudice"

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The arrival of a rich bachelor Mr. Bingley in awe of the hearts of all women from the town of Meriton. In addition, he comes not alone, but with an equally rich and single friend - Mr. Darcy. However, if Bingley is open and simple, Darcy is arrogant, arrogant and proud.

Sisters Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are also friendly and dissimilar. Jane quickly finds common ground with Mr. Bingley. But for Elizabeth and Darcy, communication is more complicated: they feel the kinship of souls - both strong, courageous and independent, but they cannot get rid of prejudices regarding each other. Their relationship is stretched like a string, and the dialogues each time turn into a verbal duel.

Magnificent style, exciting plot and subtle irony brought this novel world-wide fame. In the list of the 200 best books on the BBC version, he took the 2nd line (immediately after the "Lord of the Rings").

Charlotte Bronte. "Jane Eyre"

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A book that you can get from the shelf whenever you want to comfortably settle in a corner and plunge into the world of high feelings.Jane, an orphan who grew up in a boarding school, enters as a governess on Mr. Rochester’s estate to raise his adopted daughter. The owner of the estate is sullen and closed, but Jane sees the heavy character of an extraordinary man with a strong spirit. Feelings arise between them.

The heroes are about to get married, but on the wedding day it turns out that Mr. Rochester is married. His wife, with whom he was engaged to in his early youth, is insane. All this time she lived in one of the rooms of the estate.

Jane leaves the house, but the final can not be so simple. Heroes will meet, retaining their love, despite the ordeal.

Margaret Mitchell. "Gone With the Wind"

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The young and lovely Scarlett O’Hara is busy with the most important thing in the world - she enchants men. Everything is going well, only Ashley Wilkes, to whom Scarlett feeds feelings, did not succumb to her charms and decided to marry his cousin Melanie. Impulsive Scarlett marries Charles Hamilton in retaliation.

Civil war changes lives: dances, balls and fans remain in the past. Charles dies. Ashley goes missing. Next to Scarlett is the cynical handsome Rhett Butler.The story of their love is not easy.

From the frivolous coquette Scarlett turns into a strong extraordinary woman and overcomes one obstacle after another. She makes mistakes and stupidity, but every time she finds the strength to overcome them. And women around the world repeat the famous motto of Scarlett "I will think about it tomorrow."

Thomas Hardy. "Tess from the D'Erbervilles family"

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Tess, the eldest daughter of the Darbeyfield family, is a beautiful, responsible, sensitive girl. She bears on her shoulders the care of a family that is rapidly falling into poverty. Upon learning that the Darbeyfield clan is associated with the rich d’Erberville family, Tess decides to turn to relatives for help. So she meets Alec.

Alec seduces Tess, and after nine months she gives birth to a son who soon dies. Recovering from the blow, Tess marries another man - Angela. After learning about the past Tess, he leaves, and she again finds herself in poverty. The seducer Alec is right there: he promises to help the Tess family if she stays with him. Tess agrees, and this leads to irreparable and tragic events.

There is no happy love in this story - Tess has to struggle all her life, to resist poverty, society and circumstances.But the novel is full of sincerity, dignity, sincerity and beauty, and therefore deserves a prominent place on the bookshelf.

Colin McCullough. "Singing in the thorns"

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One of the most popular novels in the history of mankind: the researchers estimated that there are two copies of “The Thorn Birds” sold every minute in the world. Many are familiar with this story on the screen, but the book deserves no less attention: a lively language and fascinating descriptions will make you forget about everything for at least a few hours.

Maggie was only 10 years old when she met young priest Ralph. They became attached to each other, and when Maggie grew up, affection grew into love. But Ralph is devoted to the church, so breaks off relations. Having lost hope, Maggie married Luke. But family life did not work out: having given birth to a daughter, Maggie again meets with Ralph.

This book is about love, opposing the trials and the fate itself. Heroes are not perfect: they are capricious, vain, proud. They make mistakes and overcome them. And yet they keep their love and for a moment, but find happiness.

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