7 new year Putin appeals that we remember

On December 31, a few minutes before midnight, Russian President Vladimir Putin will address the country with a traditional speech. We remembered the iconic performances of past years.

December 31, 1999

“Today, December 31, 1999, the first president of Russia has decided to resign. He asked me to turn to the country.New Year is the brightest, kindest, most favorite holiday in Russia. In the New Year, as you know, dreams come true. And in such an unusual New Year - even more so. "

December 31, 2003

“At these moments, each of us remembers our main personal and family events.It is especially encouraging that in the outgoing year we have born more new citizens of Russia than in the past.. This is a good sign. So, people in our country are more confident about the future. ”

2016 year
Photo: Mikhail Klimentev / Zuma / TASS

December 31, 2004

“The coming year 2005 is special for all of us - the year of the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is a great holiday for us. For all peoples with whom we are connected by a common destiny. I would say historical affinity.Starting from the new year 2005, we return to the old Russian tradition - the tradition of the great New Year holidays.. Let them be bright and memorable. "

December 31, 2007

«We not only restored the territorial integrity of Russia, but also once again felt that we were one people.. And all these years we have worked together to save the country, turn it into a modern, free, strong state, convenient and comfortable for the life of citizens. We wish each other new successes and, of course, raise glasses for the health and happiness of our relatives and friends, for those whom we value and cherish more than anything else, whom we give our warmth and with whom we want to be near. May all your most cherished dreams come true! ”

December 31, 2013

"Dear friends,I address you with a New Year's message not from the Moscow Kremlin as usual, but from the Far Eastwhere he came to celebrate the New Year with those who passed the test of elements with honor and dignity, but cannot yet celebrate the holiday in their own home, and together with them congratulate the whole country, raise a glass for our people, for the health of all who selflessly fought a flood who showed mercy and unselfish generosity.Wherever we are at these moments, the atmosphere of an amazing New Year's Eve warms our hearts. We are optimistic about the future, sincerely believe in the best, in good luck and success. ”

December 31, 2014

“Love for the Motherland is one of the most powerful, elevating feelings. It was fully manifested in the fraternal support of the inhabitants of the Crimea and Sevastopol, when they firmly decided to return to their homeland. This event will forever remain the most important milestone in national history. A few years ago, the Olympic Games in Sochi were perceived as a dream. And she did not just come true.We not only prepared and held the best winter Olympics in history, but also won it. In this victory, the merit of all citizens of our country. And the Olympians themselves, and those who supported them. "

December 31, 2016

«Each of us can become a little wizard on New Year's Eve. To do this, you just need to treat your parents with love and gratitude, surround your family and children with attention and care, respect colleagues, protect friendship, protect truth and justice, be merciful, help those who are waiting for support. That's the whole secret. ”


It is impossible not to remember andstatement of Vladimir Putinduring a speech at the congress of the Russian Geographical Society in 2014, which seems to be relevant during all holidays and times.

In love in general is the whole meaning of life, being. This is love for the family, for the children, for the Motherland.

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