5 unexpected things that steal your feminine energy

You'd be surprised, but these seemingly trifles can, if not depress you, then spoil your mood for a long time.

Women - being quite vulnerable, so many things to which a man, for example, may not pay attention, greatly upset and knock the fair sex of the rut. And what kind of sexuality can we talk about if they are under constant stress and only think about how to cope with all this? And, you know, it is quite tiring! We have compiled a list of things that can nullify your feminine energy.

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Mess in the house

Certainly, nature in us has been laid down, that we should be the keepers of the hearth, notice the position of each thing in space, remember where, how and what lies, and generally provide comfort and comfort to all home. But the scattered things, the accumulation of rubbish and even a hint of dirt can ruin our mood for a long time and bring us to stress. Although a man, for example, can easily step over a mountain of garbage, and even put his socks next to him.To heaps, as they say. In fairness, I want to note that not all men, of course, are. Some of those pedants are also upset if they notice that the thing is not in its place, the circles are not arranged in order, and it’s time to wipe the dust.

Restless sleep

To look good, we, ladies, need a healthy long sleep. Even scientists have confirmed that ladies need to sleep more than men. But, alas, unlike the representatives of the stronger sex, who, just after touching the pillow head, immediately go to the country of Morpheus, we sleep quite sensitively and jump up from every rustle. Therefore, do not rest properly and wake up angry, not sleeping and with bruises under the eyes. You will be here, of course, sexual. Therefore, in order to remain attractive and desirable as long as possible, just arrange yourself to sleep at least once a week. This is so that no one (and nothing) distracts you! A husband, if anything, and he can find a clean shirt or make a delicious coffee.

Bad sex or lack of it.

There can not argue. Although in many couples the passion diminishes with time, and the performance of marital duties often takes about 5 minutes and is more like physical exercise than making love, you cannot put up with it at all.A woman needs to feel bright orgasms and positive emotions in order to feel sexy. Only then will she be happy, and, accordingly, all the homework too.

Constant guilt feeling

Unfortunately, in our world it is so arranged that women are manipulated precisely on this destructive sense of guilt. Psychologists explain that ladies and men respond to the charges differently. If the representatives of the stronger sex immediately begin to defend their case, and even the fists will be used, then women, as a rule, immediately plead guilty (although, perhaps, they had nothing to do with it), they immediately try to fix everything, eliminate flaws and make it good for others. In the end, they are really good, and your female energy suffers.

Endless chat with friends

Friends, of course, are very necessary, and conversations with them are able to relieve stress and tension, and also to charge with new emotions. But only in dosed quantities! The same psychologists assert that if a lady goes around, say, all day long, sit on social networks and waste precious time on washing the bones, she will eventually feel tired, exhausted and emotionally exhausted. So, as if she was not engaged in chatter, but at least unloaded several cars.Therefore, you need to know the measure and engage in conversation after you have completed the main business.

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