5 packs based on the "Game of Thrones"

Have you already watched the first series of the new 6th season of “Game of Thrones” or are you just preparing for the long-awaited viewing? In any case, we are not going to tempt you with spoilers, but we offer a very thematic collection of styling from Buzzfeed! After all, if you can cheer for your favorite football team, dressed in its form, then why not change the haircut for a while and support one of the favorite characters of the show? So, watch the video and, if you wish, try on the sinister image of the real witch Melisandre, the narcissistic young queen Margheri Tirell, the dragon mistress Deineris Targaryen, the arrogant red wine lover Cersei Lannister or the masterful girl Arya Stark.

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