5 foods that increase blood cholesterol

Everyone knows that our health depends largely on what we eat. But not all adhere to the rules of proper nutrition. Doctors continue to remind that there are products, the systematic use of which can provoke the development of various diseases.

Today we will talk about cholesterol and the products in which it is contained.

Insidious enemy of health

Cholesterol belongs to the group of lipids (fats), and our body produces 2/3 of its own. The rest comes with food. This substance is necessary for building cell membranes, the process of hormone synthesis, the production of bile for food digestion and many more important processes.

In itself, it is not harmful or useful, and in its pure form it cannot be transported through the body either. It all depends on the "environment", which is able to make a harmful component of this lipid compound.

And it threatens with the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels and impaired functioning of the heart. That is why there are stop-lists, about which you need to know to all those who monitor their health. We have also prepared for you the top 5 foods that increase cholesterol levels:

Meat products.First of all, it is sausage, sausages, smoked meats. As well as fatty meats, offal, minced meat. Of course, this does not mean that they should be completely forgotten, but it is necessary to minimize consumption.

The most "safe" in this regard are the rabbit, turkey and skinless chicken.

Bakery products. Yes, tasty is often harmful. And all because in the process of cooking used margarine, coconut and palm oil, which are trans fats. And trans fats today are considered the main enemies of the normal work of the heart.

Soup and broth. The cause of high cholesterol can be the favorite of many rich soups and broths. They, of course, have an excellent taste, but they will not bring benefits with constant use, unfortunately. In the process of cooking you need to remove all the fat that has appeared, as well as abandon zazharok.Nutritionists recommend using the second, rather than the first broth.

Dairy. Sometimes it's amazing to see them in the stop-list, because so much is said about their benefits. Those who have already identified problems with the content of a lipophilic substance in the blood should minimize the consumption of full-fat milk, sour cream, butter. And the rest, in order not to be among such people, it is worth switching to a less fat "milk".

Fast food.Snacks, shop sauces, convenience foods and all kinds of burgers, hot dogs and other pleasures from fast food establishments are prohibited. The content of trans fats in them will amaze even the most notorious fans of such a snack.

As you can see, all prohibitions are reduced to a simple truth - you need to eat right and balanced. And then no increase in cholesterol you are not threatened. Be healthy!

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