5 elegant beams: simple technique - excellent result

Elegant bunches are at the peak of popularity. This hairstyle looks stylish, moreover, bunches allow you to add extra volume even to girls who do not have thick hair. It is a mistake to think that it is impossible to make them yourself. The main thing is to know how to model hair. Having mastered the technique of creating beams, haircuts can be changed even daily.

The basis of this beam is the tail. To create a hairstyle you will need a large clip. Using it, it is much easier to make a light hair for maximum volume. It will be needed at the stage of getting rid of gum.

The basis of this beam is a weakened spit. Non-standard here is only the approach to the division of hair into strands. To fix the beam need studs.

For this bundle it is only necessary to wind the hair correctly and fasten it securely.

The basis of this bundle is the tail that is not completely passed through the elastic band and the strands wound around it.

Tail hair is easily divided into two braids.It remains only to loosen the braids, tighten them at the base and secure.

Each of the options is good in its own way. Having mastered the technique of modeling beams, it is easy to look stylish and elegant.

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