33 ideas of using unnecessary and broken things

The idea of ​​using secondary raw materials began to arise more often in the minds of practical or creative people. It is primarily related to the fact that humankind has finally begun to realize the futility of mindless consumption.

So, a beautiful shell from Easter eggs can turn into decorative candles, and broken shards are also a material for creating a garden decor. They can even be signed to indicate the shoots of certain plants.

1. Decor for the garden of broken shards

2. Several broken pots turned into a whole fairy tale composition

A man with a craving for needlework and author's art can turn a few broken pots into a whole fairy tale composition.

3. From the old table can get two console table

The redesign of furniture is also often done with a few tools and little effort. So, the old dining table can be divided into two elegant console table for a hallway or living room.

4.Fabric can be used to create a house for the child

Fabric from a broken umbrella has special properties - waterproof and durable. It can be used to create a children's playhouse and even a cover for hiking tools.

5. If an umbrella broke, make bags of metal parts out of its waterproof fabric.

6. Fragments of wax crayons can be melted, poured into a vial from under the drugs and made of them new chalk.

Wax crayons, which delight children with their strength and brightness, are quickly consumed and after some time become unsuitable for drawing. They can be melted in a water bath and poured into any container of suitable diameter. Get a new rainbow pencil.

Suitable plastic tubes of glue or lipstick, bubbles of drugs, and so on. They can also be turned into candles.

7. Or you can make a wax-pencil using the case of the used glue-pencil

8. Or, if you do not need new chalks, you can make a candle out of them in a glass

9. If the Vietnamese broke attachment, it does not matter. You can make new, more convenient.

A piece of soft cloth will help repair sandals.

10.Solution for the Brave!

Using scissors, shoes or textile shoes are also transformed into open summer shoes.

11. Glasses with a broken base easily turn into candlesticks with which you can decorate flowerpots with flowers in the garden

And again landscape design: glasses without legs and splinters of ceramic tableware are perfect for decorating its individual elements. The last you can lay curb.

What is completely unsuitable for decorating a garden will serve as drainage for flowerpots or a flooded area of ​​land.

12. Broken plates can be used in the garden.

13. Small debris - excellent drainage for flowers.

14. Never throw away clothespins from used trouser hangers.

15. Cute magnets come out of broken brooches.

16. An ordinary branch from a park or a garden will become a graceful holder for jewelery if you tint it a little

17. The original bracelet is made from the remains of beads.

18. Out of fashion jewelry will fit to create a vintage garland

19. Beautiful pendants on the chandelier of unnecessary decorative gizmos

Not to mention that you can make jewelry and even a chandelier yourself, and also give Christmas balls to a second life.

20.Mirror shards will update the appearance of faded Christmas tree balls

21. Broken Christmas balls should be crushed into a crumb and save just in case

22. Globe halves - why not lampshades?

A broken globe can be used as a lamp.

23. A broken vase can make an excellent vase for decorative objects, fruit or sweets.

Be attentive to what surrounds you, and do not fall under the influence of stereotypes, if you want other wonderful transformations to occur. And then the globe will be a lamp shade, ceramic dishes - garden watering for birds, and the frame - holder for earrings.

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