3 puzzles from which the brain can break

When the usual scanwords are boring, and all the puzzles, even with the most complex drawings, have long been composed, I want to diversify my leisure time, and this will help you with 3 puzzles, from which the brain of both a child and an adult can break. It would seem that the solution lies on the surface.


However, you should bear in mind that the answer to far from all the riddles that seem childish is so obvious. You really have to break the brain to find the truth. Well, are you ready to move a little wisps? Or is it not going to go any further than standard scanwords in magazines?

Snowmen: find too much

The proposed version of the puzzle only at first glance seems very simple and easy. In fact, such a children's mystery may well break the brain of an adult. Take a look at the picture below. You need to find only one snowman, which is superfluous here. Carefully read the proposed drawing. Such a puzzle is often offered to children, but not all kids with their clarity of thinking and inability to think in a pattern give the right answer.Will you manage to avoid intellectual stereotypes and find the right solution? Give yourself a few minutes to think. Under the picture you can check your guesswork!


Photo source: youtube.com (channel MOGOL TV)

Surely many have decided that this image is located at number 2. In fact, this is absolutely not the case! Take a closer look! At snowman number 4, the smile line is different from the rest of the figures. For a character numbered 3, the back of the scarf ends with a gray fragment, while the rest of the “heroes” have black. There are small differences in the image of the scarf and the snowman at number 5. If you look closely, then in the middle of the pattern on the accessory "gets lost" and becomes different from the same detail in other characters. What is the result? Surely now you have guessed that the first snowman will be superfluous here, since it does not have bright features and does not stand out in the background of its “brothers”.

"Crime" puzzle


Photo source: youtube.com (channel MOGOL TV)

If you have no desire to solve something, rearrange the letters in some places, but nevertheless the brain asks riddles, then try to solve this “criminal” puzzle. Imagine that last night robbers got into one of the houses. Only 3 things were stolen:

  • Toothbrush;
  • flashlight;
  • radio.

Not only the list of stolen items, but the suspects themselves turned out to be quite unusual. Among them were a pig, a bat and a turtle. Who do you think is really guilty and committed a crime? Think about how the stolen items and the suspects can be interconnected. Have you found a clue? And now you can check yourself - the answer is under the picture.


Photo source: youtube.com (channel MOGOL TV)

Surely many will decide that once a crime is committed at night, then the bat will be the robber. But this is the wrong answer.

On a note! This animal is afraid of light, and, accordingly, the flashlight cannot get to the list of missing items.

The turtle is also not the one we are looking for. She has no teeth. Accordingly, in the list of stolen items a toothbrush would be superfluous. What is the result? That's right: the criminal from our puzzle is a pig!

A few figures

Take a close look at the picture above. What do you think should be the number on the question mark? Any guesses? Such a puzzle is often offered not only to schoolchildren, but also to students. If you have to perform monotonous work every day, then the brain can refuse to perform unusual mental tasks.Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a little "stretch" it! You will find the solution under the picture itself with the task.


Photo source: youtube.com (channel MOGOL TV)

That's just here you and does not expect any dirty tricks and pitfalls. It would seem that the answer is obvious. You only need to pay attention to the number of lines and the number of intersections. If in the first case there are 9 of them, and in the second - 1, then from the bottom you can count 4. Accordingly, this number will be the answer!

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