2012 year of the Dragon: how to celebrate the New Year holidays

Listen to the horoscopes or laugh with them, each person chooses himself. But, regardless of your attitude to astrological predictions, you need to recognize that the Chinese horoscope has become an integral part of the life of every person. It's all about the wonderful celebration of the New Year. According to the Chinese horoscope, each new year passes under the auspices of a certain creature.

And although we live far from China, however, every year we associate with some kind of symbol and try to please him. For some, it seems to be nonsense: to dress in certain colors, prepare a specific menu and buy souvenirs. But, if we reject skepticism, the New Year is a fairytale holiday, so why not believe once a year that the entire planet is under the rule of the White Rabbit or the Black Dragon. In addition, it is interesting and fun to celebrate the New Year, adhering to certain recommendations of wise Chinese. But how can they know if they are right?

So, 2012 - passes under the sign of the Black Dragon. This is a special year, given that among 12 characters, the Dragon is the only mythical creature. What do you imagine with the word Dragon? Personally, I associate it with Chinese folk festivals and carnivals, and accordingly with music and fireworks. This is the way to meet 2012 - noisy, fun and loud.

Black Dragon is considered the patron of good deeds, so do not forget to do more good deeds, on the eve of the holiday. It is believed that the Dragon for this, the whole of 2012 will surround you with kindness and good people.

The music at the celebration should be a lot and different, suitable, as the fiery rhythms of samba, and calm relaxing music.

The program of the meeting of the year of the Black Dragon must be original and unusual. Offer guests active games, prepare unusual contests. The main thing is no boredom, just fun! The dragon loves the holidays.

The menu at the meeting of 2012 may be the most diverse. What your soul desires. Black Dragon is unpretentious in food, his only wish is the presence of fish dishes. Responsibly need to approach the design of the holiday table, it should be luxurious.Decorate it with candles, put the most beautiful dishes, and do not forget to put a pumpkin on the table, then next year will bring you wealth and success.

When decorating the house, do not forget to put or hang statues of the Black Dragon; it is quite narcissistic and will not refuse to admire its image. And add the elements of water, shells, decorative fountains. Dragon will love it.

Despite the fact that there are about two months left until the New Year, it is necessary to prepare for it right now.

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