15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 1

In any public place, you have the full right to approach the guy first, if he seems attractive to you, and to start a conversation both in a cautious friendly (“Can you tell me how this cocktail is called?”), And in a brazen and predatory manner (“I see some people did not skip physical education lessons at school ... "). If in the process of “hunting” it turns out that the candidate has a girlfriend, then we can congratulate him on this fact and leave, with a wink. If the girl was nearby, it is better to say that you confused him with a former classmate, and not to wink.

15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 2

When dating in special mobile applications, you have even more rights to write first and even the first to call him for coffee. It is not recommended to meet with strangers at your place or at home - it is better to first check the candidate for adequacy in a neutral territory. Observing propriety, on the first date it is better to switch the phone to silent mode and not to demonstrate to the interlocutor that on the way to his meeting you had two more cool “matches”.

Rule No. 3

The decisive moment of the first date is a farewell kiss. If it did not happen, then most likely you are either too shy, or simply did not like each other. In the second case, another date will be a waste of time. If the kiss happened, then already on it you can determine what the temperament of a man is and what color of underwear to wear on the second date.

Rule No. 4

A list of men with whom you can play around, referring to two extra glasses of champagne and the tequila that followed them without a snack:

- brother best friend;

- classmates of your younger sister;

- waiters, bartenders and guards at the entrance to the club.

15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 5

List of men with whom you can not flirt under any circumstances:

- your mom's lover;

- The husbands of your friends;

- the police and any people in the service.

Rule number 6

When a guy calls you to his house “watching a movie,” but naturally there will be no “kin” (well, maybe only if a short film), make a responsible decision for two: if you want sex, then agree and bring a pizza or Sushi, if you don’t want to, then make excuses that you like German expressionism, and eating it with pizza on the couch is just an aesthetic crime.

Rule No. 7

If he insists that you can do without a condom, because with him his sensitivity drops, blurt out the fictitious story of a girlfriend who is now suing one “sensitive” guy for recognizing paternity rights, and at the same time find out whether he has in such cases a good lawyer.
15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 8

If you really liked the guy, you can try to forget something at his home, but it should not be a first-hand thing (most importantly, do not forget the phone with all your flirting base) - for example, perfume, cheap earrings or a scarf. Such things can be begun to demand back gently and slowly, leaving a mystery to him, whether you forgot them on purpose or nonetheless by chance.

Rule number 9

If you met and were on the same night in the same bed, then the first call is the one or the one who most liked the process. So if your expectations were not met, then block the candidate safely and do not bother with polite correspondence. And if you are satisfied with the results of his acrobatic bed, then feel free to write first - you can sms and with a lot of emoticons.

Rule number 10

If passionate sex suddenly repeated more than three times, and yet you never went on a “normal” date, but you still want a relationship, then it's time to break the ice and invite it somewhere (but not to visit your mother), and instead of kissing unexpectedly (we believe, for both of you), start a life conversation.

15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 11

If such sex without commitment happened twenty times already, then one romantic date cannot solve the issue - you are now sex friends, and it seems you are comfortable with both of you, so only serious heart-to-heart conversation can change the situation.

Rule number 12

You have no right to be jealous of him until you both entered the official status of the couple. However, even after that you can only “jealous” only, but always without hysterics, threats and spyware checks of his phone. The same applies to him, and even more strictly: he has no right to tell you what to wear, how much to drink and to be friends with, even if you are already discussing the issue of the registry office and children.

Rule number 13

The moment of transition to the official status of a couple, each love duet calculates in its own way, but the most frequent signswhich can occur in your case, are as follows: a) moving to a joint apartment / room, b) acquaintance with the parents, c) the indefinite right to walk the dog and / or using the car, d) the phrase "I love you", pronounced in sober condition and not during sex.

15 rules of harmonious relationships

Rule number 14

The official status of the pair obliges you to agree to be true to each other and not to have relations on the side (another is already purely individual), whenever possible take care of each other and at times prefer meetings with each other to any other entertainment. The status of a pair does not at all mean that someone suddenly got the unspoken right to terrorize and control another, does not imply a fanatical immersion in domestic cares if you live together, and does not oblige any of you to sacrifice all free time for the sake of sex alone and "Auchan" .

Rule number 15

Friendly is considered sex with a person with whom you have not even flirted before and have not singled out him as the opposite sex. Once a perfect friendly sex can be brought into the category of "well, with whom there is no", but after five to six times a person can already be on absolutely serious principles treated asa long-term partner, “the very one” and “my destiny”, because you already have all the prerequisites for a harmonious relationship.

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