15 male phrases that women truly hate

Men do not like to go into explanations and at times too economically treat their vocabulary for expressing what they want to say. As a result, their vocabulary turns into a set of parasitic phrases that they seem to be repeating for generations and which annoy us terribly. Guys, be more careful and delicate when you intend to say something, because some of your expressions are even more violent than bad breath, beer belly and obsession with football. We collected our top 15 most nasty male phrases that spoil the mood and kill all the desire to continue communicating further.

"I'm busy"

Without a more detailed explanation: what, where and to which hour - this phrase sounds for a woman as an insulting message where far away and can provoke immediate disassembly "according to the concepts."

“Well, what do you want from me?”

This phrase is a male white flag at the final stage of the quarrel, when he realized that the enemy army was advancing on all fronts and now he had only to wait for the conditions of surrender.

"It begins again ..."

The typical male reaction to a return to a topic that they didn’t like very much, but the reason to talk about it never disappeared. At the next stage, accompanied by the phrases "Come on, stop this nonsense" and "Do not speak nonsense."

15 male phrases that women truly hate

"Yes, good"

The cornerstone of men's vocabulary, which allows them to characterize everything in the world - the impression of a holiday or its new dress, the condition of a sick stomach or one's own mood. For some reason they are too lazy to go into details - it’s better to silently delve into the computer screen.

“Who will marry you if you do not know how to cook?”

In this phrase, smart women usually have a “sensor” on their mother’s son, whom it’s better not to deal with anymore, unless, of course, difficult teenagers and the shaft of homework is not her favorite hobby.

"Aha, now"

A universal male response to the majority of common household requests, only now it can last "now" for years and even if he heard you.

"Can I kiss you?"

Hey, men, this is not asked! If you have learned to flirt more than the phrase "Buy you something to drink?", Then you will know exactly when to do it, and without questions.

15 male phrases that women truly hate

"Any man would dream of blowing her"

The disgusting male manner of defining female attractiveness in the “vdul / not vdul” categories seems to have ended up with school at times, but many of the “machos” (especially in the men's team) still speculate with this unpleasant phrase, and often!

"Why torture yourself with these heels?"

Good question, men! Even the fashion industry on this topic thought, but just to analyze the “torture means” of women's wardrobe is not your business.

“Who taught you to park so well?”

Mentally imagining a woman at the wheel as a monkey with a grenade, some of the stronger men still do not understand that both women and men are taught to drive the same thing - experience.

"This is what you heard, not what I said"

An effective male way to pretend to be a good and polite gentleman of the most stringent rules, which in fact (for example, after three “vodka-beer” visits), verbal diarrhea and conceptual diarrhea occur.

15 male phrases that women truly hate

“Maybe I can have dinner and watch a movie?”

The standard invitation to the first sex, which could be formulated in the form of a more specific phrase, if some men did not differ in adolescent shyness and the belief that all women in the soul are innocent virgin nuns.

"What are you sentimental!"

By their standards, this should sound like a compliment, because if a girl cries, then she has feelings. Just try to say the same thing to him in response - he will be offended irrevocably.


Sounds nauseous and as an appeal to a woman, and as a "nickname" for the female genital organs. Although the men who were staring at Beavis and Bathed in school, this word is still adored.

“What have you got, PMS?”

This disgusting phrase allows men to associate situational female hysteria with the biological functions of her body and is analogous to the phrase "He struck sperm in the brain."

15 male phrases that women truly hate

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