13 things you definitely shouldn’t do with your eyebrows

Correct eyebrows can easily change the proportions of the face. Here are just some brow-masters themselves do not really know what exactly should not be done with eyebrows, reinvent the wheel and do not follow the basic beauty rules. We talk about the most common mistakes.

Mistake number 1: look for the perfect symmetry

Our face is asymmetrical, so chasing a perfectly identical form of each eyebrow is a mistake. Eyebrows should emphasize the natural beauty, but not to get out of the general image. By making them 100% symmetrical, you risk emphasizing the asymmetry of some of your traits, which no one has paid attention to before. Therefore, eyebrows should be the same shape and look like brothers, but not like twins!

Mistake number 2: shave your eyebrows

In no case can not shave eyebrows and try to draw stripes in their place, especially with no artistic education as a maximum, and at least - eyebrow trapping courses.Such eyebrows will look not just ridiculous, but really terrible ... Remember Gwen Stefani at the beginning of her career - those thin eyebrows, strings that did not fit into her facial features? So, it will look much worse for you if only because the best make-up artist in Hollywood must have worked with the eyebrows of the singer. And this is by no means a stone in your garden, just the fashion for such eyebrows has long passed, but as for us, it would be better if it didn’t exist at all. In addition, when shaving, the hairs become damaged, become stiff and bristle-like, begin to grow, and it will be far from easy to cope with these problems.

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Mistake number 3: paint eyebrows hair dye

And so it will come down, some young ladies think, not understanding the whole scale of the problem and using the same dye as for hair when dyeing eyebrows. Than it can threaten? Hmm ... Well, first, you risk being left without eyebrows. Yes, this is not a joke: the hair dye contains much more aggressive substances that the hair and scalp can “accept”, but thin eyebrow hair and delicate facial skin do not, with the result that the hairs will simply start to break and fall out.Secondly, severe irritation may occur on the skin, due to which it will simply be impossible to leave the house in the coming days. In addition, hair dye is not easily washed off the skin, therefore, going beyond the desired contour, you will be upset, because you have to walk with thick and uneven eyebrows for a very long time.

Mistake number 4: chase fashion

Feathers, rhinestones, braids, multi-colored eyebrows, prickles, waves and other trends in the world of eyebrows are not the best option for everyday life. Yes, for a fashion show or a party, such options are suitable, but for the daily look it’s better to give them up, otherwise you might be mistaken for an urban madman. Better choose for yourself with the master the ideal shape and bend, which you will adhere to.

Mistake number 5: use old and poor-quality instruments, and also neglect disinfection

It's amazing how many people do not understand the importance of good eyebrow tweezers, because a lot depends on it. A poor-quality and old instrument with blunt edges does not pluck out, but only breaks and damages the hairs, which leads to their growth and irritation of the skin. The tip of the tweezers should be beveled, thin and well-sharpened - with such a tool you can pick up even the thinnest and shortest hemp.In addition, we can not ignore the disinfection of the tweezers: when we pull out the hairs, a wound is formed in their place, which does not heal so quickly. Dirty tweezers can infect there and cause irritation. Therefore, it is important to regularly wash and wipe the instrument with an antiseptic. Due to the likelihood of infection, you can not pull out eyebrows just before applying makeup - cosmetics become clogged and cause redness.

Mistake number 6: match the color of eyebrows to the color of hair

This has long ceased to be a trend. When you make eyebrows of the same color as your hair, your look ceases to be soft and becomes harsh. Masters believe that it is better to use a slightly lighter shade - this will allow to achieve maximum naturalness and soften the look. Blondes do not have to go with whitened eyebrows - this is at least ugly. They are recommended, if not black, then caramel eyebrows, which look just amazing, especially on dark skin.

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Mistake number 7: kink with antimonobrovyu

The girls with the frowning eyebrows complexes on this matter have their roots to childhood: classmates are not-yes, and joke, insult, hurt and prikolnutsya over the poor man whose mother does not allow you to bring your eyebrows in order. Having matured, such girls too start to take a great interest in expansion of space on a nose bridge, if only to forget about the children's complexes. The size, width and length of the eyebrows change their appearance no worse than plastic surgery, so you need to be thoughtful about pulling out. To calculate the ideal length of the eyebrow, take a brush, attach one end to the wing of the nose, the other to the base of the eyebrow. The line should be perpendicular. When correcting the eyebrows, try not to go beyond this line, otherwise, having overdone once, you can greatly regret this, because it can be difficult to grow eyebrows.

Mistake # 8: Use stencils

It would seem that the stencil - the perfect way for shaking hands. Only a rare stencil fits at least some form of face, so the eyebrows drawn in this way look very ridiculous, making the makeup careless. On the other hand, it is possible to choose the perfect stencil suitable for a specific person, but this is not so easy.It will take a lot of time before you find it, and by that time a lot of your images and photos will be spoiled.

Mistake number 9: pluck a lot of hair from above

Many brow-masters recommend their clients to pull out hairs on top of their eyebrows, but you should know the line beyond which you can not go. Not only does it violate the bend of the eyebrow, it also makes the image unnatural. Therefore, leave the upper hairs of the eyebrows to the master, and adjust only the lower ones so you will bring yourself less harm, and the specialist will simplify the work.

Mistake number 10: pull a few hairs at a time

"Calm, only calm," - over and over again you repeat this mantra to yourself, like Carlson, independently embarking on another correction. This is how much you need to have nerves to pull the hairs one by one? Not easier - again! - and to pull out several hairs at once with one motion? Simpler - it may be simpler, just do not hurry up in this matter, if only because you risk overdoing it and do not notice how a good part of the hairs already podderegali and eyebrows became noticeably less. Yes, and it hurts several times.

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Mistake No. 11: often subject eyebrow correction

The golden rule of all browmasters is that eyebrow correction should be carried out no more than once every two weeks. It is not necessary to pull out the hairs every day, as soon as you notice new ones, because the skin of the eyelids is very tender and injured quickly. Daily plucking even single hairs can lead to serious damage to the bulbs, from which new hairs will not appear. Over and over again the eyebrows will become less and less until they disappear completely ... This, of course, is stupid, only if you suddenly decide to grow eyebrows to change their shape, with damaged bulbs this will make it very difficult.

Mistake number 12: use the wrong brush and neglect the shading

To give your eyebrows the perfect shape through cosmetics you can only use a bevelled (and no other!) Brush. Ignoring the feathering is also impossible, otherwise you will look like the worst version of Megan Fox at her not the best of times. The unbreakable rule of an ideal feathering: the tips of the eyebrows should be more graphic, and the base - natural, natural in appearance.

Mistake No. 13: refuse to go to a specialist

Trying to correct the shape of eyebrows by yourself, you risk to make everything only worse (the masters, however, not all great geniuses are with the prefix "woe," but you can still find a truly skilled specialist). A professional brow-master will select the perfect shape for you and bend the eyebrows, tint the necessary areas with special paint, tell you how to take care of them, and recommend several life hacks. The adjusted shape of the eyebrows can be easily maintained at home, and if you want to change their appearance, go back to the master.

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