11 stylish rules with which you will look perfect

Looking expensive does not mean that you have to spend your entire salary on Armani and Manolo Blahnik and be incredibly fashionable at any time of the year. The important thing is not how much money you spent on clothes, but how you presented it. You can wear super-expensive items from the most fashionable brands, but at the same time looking boring, unattractive and just silly. And you can do the opposite - look at a million dollars in inexpensive things. Today we offer you11 simple stylish rules with which you will look more expensive!

1. Good bag

Do not buy 10 bags of different colors and styles. Only two or three bags of neutral color from a quality material, preferably a solid form, are sufficient.

2. Dear perfume

Dear perfume is a long-term investment in your own beauty. You can wear the most ordinary dress and pumps, but so that the train of expensive perfumes attracts all passersby around.

3. The severity of accessories

Plastic accessories will never give style and chic to your casual look. And if you choose massive jewelry, they will look just incredibly elegant and expensive.

4. Classic outerwear

You can buy a nice classic jacket and wear it with a t-shirt or top, dress or a simple jumper. Blazers, leather jacket or a regular winter coat will never go out of trend.

5. Caring for things

Remember how in childhood mother often scolded for crumpled things? In adulthood, crumpled clothes also speak of the untidiness of the person who wears them. No matter how painful the morning rise may be, take five minutes to iron or steam a jacket, blouse, dress or trousers.

6. Fit things to your body.

In any area there is a small atelier, where for a little money you can straighten inexpensive clothes for your figure so that she will sit just perfect.

7. Steamer instead of iron

The steamer does not leave folds on clothes, as an iron can do.

8. Choose pure colors

Black and white have long ceased to be a trend, unless of course this is not about office work. Now the trend is bright flowers.But you should not overdo it, because the acid T-shirt and red jeans will not give you stylishness.

9. Natural makeup and manicure

Want to look expensive? Then follow not only the wardrobe, but also the appearance. Make-up is best done neutral, with an emphasis on the lips or eyes. Do not forget about manicure and pedicure.

10. Bag-shoes

All the ladies of the world are arguing about what colors can be combined in a combination of a bag + shoes? Currently, you can combine almost any color. But god with him, with color. The main thing is to have high-quality shoes.

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