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Bankruptcy tour operator.Spoiled vacation today is not uncommon. Only this year, several thousand people could not fly away to rest. On April 23, 2012, at the Domodedovo airport, tourists who flew to Israel from Ideal World were removed from the flight. Another 50 people could not return to Moscow from Israel. Offices of the company were closed, nobody approached the hotline. Directors of travel agencies, law enforcement agencies are still looking for.


In the midst of the New Year holidays, a large tour operator, the Lanta-Tour company, unexpectedly stopped its work. Hundreds of tourists could not fly on a long-awaited vacation. Paid vouchers just burned. Lyubov Marusenkova was among those who paid for the tour. However, she did not manage to visit hot India. When it became aware of bankruptcy, Love tried to call a travel agent, but could not do it. Then she decided to go to the main office of the company "Lanta-Tour". And she saw a crowd of people in front of a closed door.Like hundreds of other tourists, Lyubov wrote a claim to the insurance company and demanded a refund for spoiled vacation. True, the failed tourist paid only half the amount.


The fact is that by law all tour operators are insured for 100 million rubles. At first glance it seems that the amount is large. The problem is that this money is divided into all non-flown and non-flown tourists. From the actions of the company "Lanta-Tour" injured several thousand people. There was simply not enough money for everyone. Lyubov Marusenkova decided not to stop at this and went to court.


The court is the only way to return all the money spent. True, there is one subtlety. It is necessary to sue the tour operator before it was declared bankrupt. Then the victim has a chance to receive money. In 2013, a new tourism law will come into force in Russia. The amount of financial security will increase to 200 million rubles. In addition, a compensation fund will be created, from which money will be paid to the affected tourists. But in 2012, we still run the risk of being in the place of Lanta-Tour clients.



Bankruptcy travel agencies is quite possible. This is not precluded by the staff of the Federal Tourism Agency.Therefore, you need to know how to behave abroad, so as not to be held hostage or not pay for vacation twice. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. At that moment, when Lanta-Tour went bankrupt, more than 500 tourists from the company were in India, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey and Egypt. Hotel staff demanded that they re-pay for their stay. For fidelity from tourists took passports. Those who could not pay, literally taken hostage. Their belongings were locked in the rooms, and the tourists themselves were not allowed a single step from the hotel. Although, as Alexander Radkov, head of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation, stresses, the hotelier does not have the right to select a passport from a tourist.


Passport in any case can not leave the hotel staff at check-in. You can wait until the hotel staff fill out the documents, and then pick up your passport. The voucher is the second document that should be on hand all the time. This is proof that you have fully paid for the tour. Theoretically, the hotel should not be dealt with further, but with a travel agency.


If the hotel staff are trying to take away your passport or are not let out of the hotel, you need to contact the Russian consulate in this country and invite the consul to solve the problem.You can find the telephone of the representative office on the Internet or find out in the reference office of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling 8-499-244-16-06.


Tour operators are ruined one by one, tourists are held hostage in a foreign country or simply do not fly anywhere. Maybe it’s safer to organize your own vacation? In the film “Habits by the Sea”, “Habitat” arranged a competition - a travel agent against an experienced tourist. An independent traveler won, he managed to organize a trip to Spain cheaper than it cost at the agency. In Europe it is more profitable and reliable to go independently. But with the popular Egypt and Turkey, the situation is different. A regular flight ticket, for example, to Antalya costs as much as a package tour to an all-inclusive hotel. The fact is that tour operators rent a whole plane for tourists, buy charter flights.


“Habitat” decided to try to go to Turkey on their own and evaluate how profitable it is. There are no problems with cheap housing in Turkey. Apartments in Antalya - kitchen, several bedrooms, a swimming pool, 10 minutes from the sea. All the fun costs from $ 100 per day and is designed for 15 people. This is less than 200 rubles each.On the Russian coast for such money can be removed except that a comfortable barn. Find cheap hotels or apartments through the Internet.


You can rent housing abroad through siteswww.ownersdirect.co.ukwww.datscha-booking.comandwww.joylettings.comor simply type the word "booking" in any foreign search engine - it translates as "booking". Remember: many owners require a 50 percent prepayment or a letter of guarantee.


But finding cheap tickets was not easy. A regular flight to Antalya and back will cost 18 thousand rubles. The only option is to buy a block in the charter, as travel agencies usually do. There are two problems. First, airlines sell a package of at least 100 tickets. Secondly, tickets are sold in bulk only to law firms, not to individuals.


Arriving in Turkey, the participants of the experiment called to Moscow every day from the numbers of different mobile operators to check who has the best connection and is cheaper. At the airport, we bought two cards for international negotiations - Teletie and SimTravel. You can buy cards for long-distance calls in the vending machine right at the airport. Oddly enough, there they are sold without extra charge.In Antalya, we bought a SIM card from a Turkish operator for $ 15. In addition, the journalists had SIM cards of the Big Three - MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. All three have “Special offer for international roaming” options.


A minute of conversation on the SimTravel card cost 15 rubles 19 kopecks. All incoming calls are worth nothing - I do not want to say. A call from the Beeline card with roaming enabled also cost 15 rubles. So much is the call and mobile, and landline numbers. But the incoming call costs 5 rubles per minute. There is also a subscription fee of 10 rubles per day. A minute of conversation on the Teletie card to any Russian number is 14 rubles 80 kopecks, incoming calls are free. A minute conversation from the MTS card cost 25 rubles. But from the second minute it fell to 8 rubles 90 kopecks. Plus, MTS has a free first 10 minutes of incoming call. A minute in roaming with a MegaFon card cost 16 rubles. An incoming call costs 6 rubles. Subscription fee - 9 rubles per day. A minute of conversation with Russia on a Turkish SIM-card costs 11 rubles for landline numbers and 15 rubles for mobile ones.


Total The second place was shared by cards for international negotiations “SimTravel” and “Teletie”.They have no monthly fee and all incoming calls are free. The winner is a Turkish telecom operator, it turned out to be the most profitable.

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