10 tips on choosing a ripe watermelon

Uzbekistan has always been the leader in producing the most delicious and sweet watermelons. Also Astrakhan and Volgograd regions are famous for this berry. They are tirelessly followed by China, from where supplies of melons and gourds are made to many countries. From Kazakhstan, 35% of the total production of watermelons in the European part of Russia. It is followed by Georgia. Warm sunny days and cool nights are ideal conditions for ripening juicy and sweet watermelons. The ripeness of watermelon is determined by three characteristics:

  • Colour,
  • the weight,
  • sound when tapping the rind.

The smell does not matter. There is a misconception that after a watermelon is picked, it stops ripening. However, it often happens that a watermelon that has lain in the refrigerator for a long time becomes over-ripe. The sweetness of watermelon is gaining only on bahche. The side on which the watermelon lay on the bahche should have a light yellow spot. The pale green spot on the watermelon speaks of immaturity. If you remember a couple of tips on choosing a ripe watermelon out of ten, you can easily chooseripe juicy watermelonand not be disappointed in the choice.

What is watermelon? Vegetable or fruit? There is no definite answer. The thing is that watermelons like other vegetables: zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers, are grown and collected on the field. However, the sweet taste and aroma are more like fruit.

In fact, watermelon is at the same time:

  • Vegetable - in terms of agronomy,
  • Fruit - in terms of cooking,
  • Berry - in terms of botany, as the fruit of watermelon: pumpkin - refers to berries.

For many, watermelon is a favorite summer sweetness, since it contains 90% water. For those who do not like the large size of the watermelon, more miniature varieties with an equally sweet taste have been bred.

Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamins A and C. It contains a lot of useful for digestion of cellulose and potassium, which regulates the level of blood pressure. Watermelons contain more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. So, we present to your attention 10 tips on choosing a good, ripe watermelon.

10. Contact a professional

If you can not decide the choice, ask for help from a professional. Most sellers will be able to easily identify ripe watermelon. To be sure not to be disappointed in the purchase, you can overpay and try the watermelon right at the fruit tent. Pay attention to the pulp - it must be saturated red and hard.

9.Knock on the watermelon

Most people, when choosing a watermelon, knock on it and listen to the sound. If the watermelon is ripe, you will hear a crunching crunch. But, unfortunately, to determine the ripeness of watermelon in this way is very difficult. Take the watermelon with both hands and squeeze gently. If you hear an easy ringing crunch, it means that the watermelon is ripe.

8. Choose watermelons heavier

The more the weight of watermelon, the more spicy and juicy it is. When choosing a watermelon, stop on a more weighty fruit without bumps and cones. But keep in mind that overripe watermelons are also heavy.

7. Look for the yellow barrel

The cask of the watermelon on which it lay on the melon should be light yellow. This side lay on the ground, while the darker side ripened in the sun. If the flank is pale or completely absent, it means that the watermelon was torn off too early and he did not have time to ripen.

6. Pay attention to the "bee's cobweb"

Look for the so-called "cobweb". This is a pattern in the form of brown interlaced threads. The bee, pollinating the flowers of watermelon, touches the unripe membranes of the fruit and creates a similar pattern. The more pollinating occurred, the more "gossamer", And the sweeter is the watermelon.

5.Choose a watermelon on the floor

Remember, watermelon girls are usually bigger, sweeter and have less bones than watermelon boys. To determine the sex of the watermelon, pay attention to the ass of the fruit. If the ring is quite small, then it is a boy, more is a girl. It is often difficult to determine the ripeness of watermelon on this basis, so choose on the basis of the presence of seeds. Remember, seed watermelons are often sweeter and cheaper.

4. Check the color of watermelon

Be sure to pay attention to the color of the watermelon. Glossy peel has an unripe fruit.Ripe watermelons have a bright crust, but without shine. True, it is often difficult to determine the ripeness of the fruit on the peel.

3. Choose Verified Sellers

To buy watermelon, choose grocery stores where you usually buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The greater the choice in the store, the greater the chance of finding a ripe watermelon. It is best to buy watermelons in fruit stalls along the road, where farmers sell them.

2. Avoid watermelons grown under the spraying system.

Such fruits are usually less sweet and juicy. The thing is that with this method of irrigation, part of the water evaporates and is carried by the wind.Much sweeter than watermelons, irrigated by flooding, when digging special small trenches through which water flows to the watermelons. Modern farmers use drip irrigation with a strip coating.

1. Check the curl watermelon

If the watermelon is still on the bahche, then its ripeness can be determined by the antenna that connects the watermelon with the bush. If the mustache is green, the watermelon is not yet ripe. If the tendril is brown and dried, the watermelon is ripe. Watermelons, like cucumbers, are constantly bearing fruit. After harvesting, new fruits begin to grow. So, a ripe watermelon has a dried up tail and a dull color.

The green tail speaks about incompetence of a fruit. Watermelon can be an excellent nutritional snack, and watermelon juice will decorate any holiday. Rich in vitamins and refreshing ripe watermelons are loved by people of all ages. When choosing a ripe watermelon, it is better to follow not one, but at least three tips.

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