10 questions from school textbooks that not every adult will answer

0Of course, each of us went to school and successfully dealt with the school program, passing the final exams and receiving a certificate. But how long has it been ... how much has happened since then. We have colleges and institutes, sessions and tests, diplomas and certificates. And, most likely, the school curriculum now seems to us to be something that did not happen to us - so all this has already been forgotten.

Usually, how long ago school years were, we understand when our children become schoolchildren. After all, they inevitably bring home not only grades, but also homework, and a lot of questions, to which sometimes even we do not find answers.

Here are a few questions from the school curriculum that baffle many adults.

№ 1. Natural History

A bit of natural science. Everyone knows that the planets in our solar system rotate continuously around the sun.As well as the fact that at the same time they also make rotations around its axis.However, do you remember which of the planets revolves around its axis in the wrong direction that everyone else?


The answer is Venus.


№ 2. Mathematics

We are used to the fact that for the majority of numerical notations, Arab numerals are traditionally used: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. However, sometimes they also use Roman numerals.Check Yourself: Can You Understand What Number Is Denoted By Roman Numbers LXXVI?


The answer is 76. L is 50, X is 10, V is five and I is one.



№ 3. Algebra

Can you name the smallest prime number?


The answer is: this number is 2. By definition, a prime number is one that is divisible by only one unit and itself.


№ 4. Anatomy

This, of course, is not a question from the advanced course of anatomy, but a question from a regular school textbook on biology. And, nevertheless, it baffles many.How many bones in the body of an adult?

Portrait of my friend Fred.

Answer: 206 bones. Moreover, the newborn has a lot more: 270 bones. In the process of growing up, their number decreases, as many small bones grow together and form one large.


№ 5. Biology

What is the outer layer of the skin called?If the biology school course is not remembered, try to recall the advertising of face creams.


Answer: it is called the epidermis. And while it also consists of five layers, the top of which is called the horny.


№ 6. Chemistry

Now let's remember a little from the chemistry course.What chemical element in the periodic table is indicated by the symbol "Ag"?


Answer: it is silver, and the abbreviation is from the Latin word "Argentum".


№ 7. History

The question of a million: who invented the phone?


Answer: this indispensable invention, without which today we no longer represent our life, we are indebted to the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci. Moreover, it was previously believed that Alexander Bell was the first to invent the telephone, but on June 11, 2002, the US Congress recognized the right to invent the telephone for Antonio Meucci.



№ 8. The system of measures

Another difficult question on the knowledge of the measures. How many pints are in one gallon?


Answer: in one gallon 8 pints.



№ 9. The system of measures - 2

Continuing the theme of measures: how many in one gallon quart, you know?


Answer: in one gallon 4 quarts.



№ 10. The system of measures - 3

And finally: how many pints are there in one quart?


Answer: of course, 2 pints.


These were ten difficult questions from the school curriculum that even adults cannot answer. Be interested in the outside world and remember that it is never too late to learn!

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