10 perfect warm jackets and coats for full girls

Cozy oversize down jackets, feminine coats, ultra-stylish parks - the editors of Woman's Day have chosen the most stylish and practical outerwear for girls with uniforms.

Beautiful and, not least, warm outerwear is the key to a perfect winter look! Girls with absolutely any figure and silhouette features can find the perfect coat or down jacket. The main thing is to know where to look!

Coat bathrobe.Such a model - with a wide belt and lapels - will emphasize the waist lines and give the figure an iconic hourglass silhouette. As for color, it is better to give preference to deep noble shades - burgundy, emerald, khaki, dark blue or asphalt gray. Black, as usual, is a win-win, but let's show a little bit of originality!

Down jacket-oversize.This outerwear is absolutely everything - and thin, and crumpets. Down jacket quilt, as in Private Sun and “Mouth to Mouth”, will not only hide all flaws, but will give the whole image bohemian and chic.

Parka.For girls with curvaceous preferred options to mid-thigh and longer.However, if you want to freshen up a little winter wardrobe, pick a shorter park. Let her have unusual and catchy details like patch pockets or a luxurious fur collar!

Fur coat from ekomeha.Relevant always and everywhere. If you have long wanted to acquire such a model, we advise you to pay attention to the coat of the base color, without unnecessary details or variegation. Too bright fur coat may not look too aesthetically pleasing on a fluffy figure.

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