10 inspirational films about strong women

When something goes wrong in life, I want to gather energy from the outside. We picked up ten films about the strong, overcoming many adversities on their way of women, who never dropped their hands and coped with everything. If you have tortured vitamin deficiency and work, it seems that life has cracked - know, you will break through. Our heroines did it.

"Gone With the Wind"

Scarlett O'Hara from the adaptation of the novel by Margaret Mitchell, made by Victor Fleming, is the best inspiring example of fortitude. Spoiled Southerner went through hell of war, hunger and poverty, was forced to protect loved ones with arms, revived the cotton plantation, survived the loss of a child, fell in love, disappointed and fell in love again. Daring, stubborn, she can stand on the edge of a past life and be sure that she wakes up tomorrow and starts all over again. The main thing - do not need to think about it now, but better to think tomorrow.

"Moscow does not believe in tears"

Serious, purposeful Katerina, played by Vera Alentova in the 1980 Vladimir Menshov film, is one of the favorite heroes of Soviet cinema.Katerina suffered the betrayal of her beloved, studied, worked and raised her daughter at the same time, and finally found her happiness in the form of the modest and noble George Ivanovich performed by the wonderful Alexey Batalov.

"Soldier Jane"

Determined Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill, performed by Demi Moore, is the first woman in the history of the United States to join the ranks of "sea lions" O'Neill had to go through ridicule, humiliation, slander and harassment. She rushed to leave and gathered strength again. The main thing that this woman has overcome in herself is self-pity. It is not for nothing that Chief Sergeant Chief gives her a book with Lawrence’s poems: “I haven’t met self-pity in nature - any bird will drop from a branch, stiffened by cold, and will not feel self-pity.” In order to scrape yourself off the couch, it is enough to revise the episode where skinhead lieutenant Jordan O'Neill shakes his press.

"Double miscalculation"

The film's heroine, Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd), is happily married and loves her little son. One day, her husband disappears, and circumstances are set up so that Libby is accused of murder.

While serving his sentence, Libby learns that her husband is actually alive and that he is the one who arranged everything.Obsessed with revenge and longing for his son, Libby prepares for retribution and soon commits him. She is assisted in this by the Liberation Supervisor, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

“Irina Palm will do it better”

In this 2007 tragicomedy, elderly lady Maggie is in dire need of money for her sick grandson, Ollie. To get at least some, she goes to the announcement of the set of waitresses. True, the work is associated with certain sex services. Soon, Maggie becomes the best in her “business” and queues are lined up for Irina Palm (her pseudonym).


Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Juno (Ellen Page) has more fortitude than many adults. Upon learning that she is pregnant from her friend, Juno finds a respectable married couple, ready to adopt a future baby. This decision is not easy, and the found family is not as strong as it seemed.

"A winner of easy virtue"

About the smart and pretty girl Olive (Emma Stone) went to the rumor that she was lying about recklessly. Olive, after drinking it, decides to fight public opinion in a peculiar way: behaves like a sex bomb, making a stripe with a red letter “A” (according to literature, their class just passes Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel “The Scarlet Letter A”).Olive history will help not to forget how important it is not to lose self-irony, a sense of humor and a slight disregard for public opinion.

"The Hunger Games"

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is the main revolutionary heroine of our time. Brave, strong, able to lead and overcome the obstacle, flying beyond all limits of the comfort zone. The game Jennifer Lawrence largely saved the “Hunger Games”, which without her participation could become another fantastic franchise for teenagers, and became the first and most important in this series.


Joy's girl was kidnapped by an unknown. In a small room, where she was kept without releasing, she spent seven years already. Her son, who was born there, is five years old. How to survive if you are locked up under the supervision of a maniac? How to raise a son? Joy, with her incredible strength of spirit, holds to the idea of ​​escape and for a daily, routine, painful regime.

"Hidden figures"

The story of three African American women mathematicians who work as part of NASA. All three have to endure the humiliation associated with sex and skin color. But when they manage to express themselves, everyone is amazed.All the heroines really existed, worked and punched their way into science.

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