10 ideas for manicure for autumn 2015

Each season, there are some new trends, trends and directions that are immediately picked up in the world and begin to unwind. This applies not only to clothing, makeup or hairstyles, even such small details as a manicure - have their own fashionable preferences of the season.

In addition, the old ideas become very boring, with the advent of the new season, you always want to upgrade, try something new for yourself, especially since all sorts of experiments on nails are easy and painless.

So, it's autumn again, what do the leading nail designers of the world tell us? What shades of lacquer are relevant in this season, in fashion ornaments, flowers or geometry, what about the fashionable shape of nails? We will tell about all this and many other things in our article today.

So, the shape of the nails - it, like last season, remains comfortable and practical - oval or slightly rounded. The length of the nail plate is short, or 3-5 mm, not more. Even if you wear the extended nails, be sure to make sure they are as natural as possible and similar to natural nails.

As for the color gamut, in the trend, brightness and richness, in cold autumn time, everything that relates to appearance should be pleasing to the eye. Although the principles of naturalness also do not stand aside - natural pastel colors, manicure in the nude style - you will surely find all this on the pages of fashionable glossy magazines.

So let's talk more about the design and highlight the top 10 main ideas of fashion manicure for the fall 2015 season, of course, with pictures and photos.

1. Natural or nude manicure. As in the past year, at the peak of popularity of the classic style nude, which is appropriate in any situation, it always looks neat and tidy. This can be either a high-quality manicure and the usual transparent coating, or else the use of a palette of shades: peach, beige, powder, body, coffee with milk.

2. Bordeaux and cherry. In a special trend in 2015 was a deep and rich burgundy manicure, the range of which can vary from the darkest, closest to black, to tomato-red hues. This color or cover the entire nail plate or used as a base for the execution of fashionable "moon" manicure.

3"Lunar" manicure. By the way, about him, he is again on the wave of popularity! The classic of the genre is a red base and a colorless (it is not painted over with varnish at all) a crescent-shaped hole at the base of the nail plate. In addition, today, various interpretations are invented more and more: they cover the hole with a contrasting tinge, for example, black or white, nude color or make its shape unusual, or triangular, as an option.

4. Variations of the French manicure. Timeless classics, which, perhaps, will always be in trend. The classic version of the manicure remains fashionable - the white “smile” zone and the natural plate, as well as various color and contrast interpretations, are particularly pleased with unexpected combinations of colors, as well as additions in the form of geometry.

5. "Frame".Such a strange name appeared quite by chance: now this type of manicure is in fashion, when a thin continuous line of contrasting color is applied along the contour of the entire nail plate. It looks very extravagant and unusual!

6. Golden Autumn. Nails covered with gold - it is always gorgeous and very attractive. True, this season there have been some changes: nails are covered with natural shades, on top of which gold accents are applied in the form of sparkles and rhinestones.

7. Matte motifs are also in fashion.. Glossy shine is, of course, good, but not always popular, today matt varnishes of various shades enjoy much more love. Often they are complemented with glossy patterns in the tone of the main matte coating - it turns out very unusual and stylish.

8.Recently, special interest has been enjoyed by variousnail designs with negative space(strip or part of the nail, which is not painted over with varnish).

9. Minimalism. As in clothing, in manicure, minimalism also occupies a special place in the popularity rating. The highlight here is precisely in the contrast and minimum of the so-called pattern: white + black, beige + black and so on. The pattern is a horizontal or vertical strip or point.

10. Ombre effect. Although not so strong, manicure with the effect of color transition is still popular, and the real hit of the season is a maroon color smoothly flowing into orange or yellow. By the way, nail designers even gave him a special name - sunset manicure.

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